Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving – if you celebrate it! I spent mine with my family and we ate until we hurt 😉 Yes, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

I doubt seriously that I am going to “win” NaNoWriMo by completing my 50, 000 words, but I managed to get a little over 25,000 words and I am continuing to work it as much as possible through the weekend, but regardless I will keep working on it after, as well. I have made great progress this month – more than I ever have before. I have other pieces to the story that I had written previously that can be incorporated and woven into the overall story – so certainly not a wasted effort by any means! I have gotten some good feedback in various places – and would look forward to more should you decide to peruse a few tidbits I shared and provide comments.

I have so been missing reading your blogs and plan to catch up with everyone next week!!

I also have quite a few topics on my list of future posts that I want to start knocking out 🙂

Thought I might share this song with you – it’s another one of my favs! May we all have someone like this in our lives, be it spouses, lovers, friends, family, kids, grandkids 🙂

Just something I was thinking about, as I’m reflecting on my many blessings today  ❤

[This song came on as I’m listening to my iTunes writing my novel – so of course I wanted to share & got distracted LOL!! Hope you enjoy it!]

nanoPoblano               NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV

11 thoughts on “Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Sadie! great t see you posting. I’m glad that you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like you’ve gotten a good chunk of your book done already – Yay!

    if you’re interested I recently did a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom – . if you have the time, I would be honored if you drop by for a read.

    Have a great weekend! Stay safe on Black Friday.

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    1. Thanks Paul!! I was wondering if you had posted sonewhere again – definitely reading it today!! Doubt I’ll be hitting any Black Friday sales – for the most part quit doing that years ago – way too much craziness for me – Cyber Monday is more my style 😉 you have a great weekend yourself!! ; -)


  2. Happy day-after Thanksgiving, Sadie. I had quite a good family day, too. Your novel progress is heartening. I’ve told you how I feel, and will continue to do so, if you wish! ❤ to you as we head down the stretch to December.

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    1. Thanks WS – hope your was great! Looking forward to catching up with you 🙂 A little under the weather right now, and can tell a little fever is setting in because of how my eyes feel – so may not be reading much today, but am determined to catch up with my WP family, even if it takes me a bit!


    1. Hey Charly! That’s my problem, lately I haven’t been “doing it all” very well LOL! Working it though, always working it 😉 Since mine and my sister’s kids are grown, they took on a lot of the cooking this year – I just had to make the dressing (the kids wanted to fry the turkey & it was GOOD!) and the always requested homemade pumpkin swirl cheesecake. I don’t really care for it (the pumpkin part – love cheesecake!), but they all love it & it always gets made 🙂


  3. well I am reading some back posts too 🙂 – and glad I made it to this one – this Dido song is special to me because it reminds me of a girl named Blair – well I also love the song – but when it was at the top of the charts, Blair used to come over a couple weekends a month and she used to sing it for a while – it reminded me of her – and her single dad – who was a singer in one of my husband’s band.

    well hope your december is going well so far – 🙂

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