Those poor crazy rich Texans

I have to start by saying that for the most part, I love my state. It’s big, beautiful, friendly, and where I have lived most of my life. Texans do have a particular mindset, and believe themselves to be independent and rebellious in nature. Having said that, the politics can be mind-blowing — really. And sometimes, I can’t help but think how sheep-like so many of these Texans are — not rebellious and independent as they seem to think.

Reading the paper a few weeks back, it was brought to my attention that in the midst of all the important things going on right now, the Texas Legislature may reconsider  HB619. This bill caps the sales taxes on boats and yachts costing more than $250,000, to no more than $15,625. It would also eliminate sales taxes on boats sold to buyers from out of state.


Seriously . . . ???

Apparently, the Texas Gulf Coast yachting industry and associated jobs are ailing. I wonder if that has anything to do with all the unemployed younger baby boomers who should still be working . . .

I’m certainly confused on how that helps the industry as a whole, if they are enticing out of state buyers who will pay no taxes or any other boat-related costs in this state, other than enough fuel to sail away. Again, economics is not my strong suit, to say the least!

I’m sorry, but in my book, if you can afford a boat or yacht that costs more than $250,000, as well as the maintenance, slip, and fuel costs, well than you can probably afford to pay the full amount of the taxes. Y’all let me know if I am being too tough here . . . yeah that was meant to be facetious 😉

I never cease to be amazed at the gall of my state’s government and the entitlements of the top one percent. Do y’all ever feel this way?

So far the bill was defeated, thank goodness – clear minds prevail for now.

As a side note – it’s pretty scary when Donald Trump is the current leader in the polls for Republican nominee. I can’t wait for the debates 🙂 I don’t think there’s a decent candidate coming from this state – they are all crazy, narrow-minded, single-focused zealots. Bat-shit crazy, I tell you 😉

I often question why I still live in this state – but then I remember all my family and lifetime friends I am surrounded by. I took off over 25 years ago living in the Ozarks for a few years, but we came back and times are different now. Most specifically – there are grandchildren ❤

Anyway, just something I was thinking about . . .

(Wow – there’s been some changes on the WP format – I have been away too long!)

30 thoughts on “Those poor crazy rich Texans

  1. Sadie! Great to see you slinging some words. Awesome.

    It strikes me that the Republican party, of late, has left the rails and is so far out into the puckerbrush that Search and Rescue will have to hike for three days just to find the first signs of life. And to underline and highlight that, their front running candidate (of, at last count, 19) is the political laughingstock of the country, if not the world. To reinforce that, Trump’s words have so far caused many large sponsors to flee and have totally alienated all those who have fought for America in the Armed Forces. It just boggles my mind that he is leading in the polls. In fact it scares me. America has the largest military, the largest economy and the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. And a large chunk of Americans apparently think that Trump could guide the country with effective emotional intelligence. Bwahahaha!

    Anyway Sadie, my soap box – sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 😀 As far as Texans reducing sales tax for the rich – that is nuts. That is buying into trickle down economics which has been so clearly disproven. Giving more money to the rich does not make it better for the poor. Which, one would think was self-evident. But apparently not.

    You know, I’ve spent some time in Texas and I find the average soul to be kind and caring and always willing to lend a hand and help. The rich, however, seem to think they have their own kingdom and would gladly deny the rest of the population their basic human rights if they thought they could get away with it. I suspect it has to do with the fact that one can stand on a random piece of rural ground in Texas, spin around 360 degrees and not see another human being. That sense of no outside forces shaping actions or imposing rights seems to imply that the rich can do whatever they want. So they try.

    Anyway, I wish the kind souls of Texas the best of luck keeping their financial masters in line. 😀

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    1. Hey Paul! Yes, the kind souls here are kind of held hostage by people who do not really represent most of us . . . oh, but that’s most of the world, LOL! Since I posted this, I think Trump is even higher in the polls . . . this upcoming election is going to be a wild ride for sure 😉 I’ve got to make sure I make time to write about it!!


  2. While I don’t disagree with your basic premise, the logic of the boat tax thing is that the super rich are also super cheap (they say shrewd investors) and will buy the whole boat somewhere else in order to save that piddling amount the taxes add to the bottom line. The conventional wisdom is that it’s better to sell the boat, paying all the employees who build it, than to lose the sale over the tax dollars. Being super not rich, I don’t have to worry about it at all.

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  3. Texans always boost about how big their state is, and I admit it is pretty damn big, but I’ve also thought it would great if we could cut the state of Alaska in half and make two states out of it and make Texas the third largest state in the U.S.

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  4. Oh , I hit send too soon. Removing sales tax for the rich is the purest form of “trickle down “economics. It has been proven so many times that it does not work. If anything, removing sales tax for the poor would do more for the economy. It takes a much high percentage of the poor’s gross income than it does the rich to pay a sales tax.

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    1. Funny thing that word “tax”. We are about to hit our annual “back to School, tax free sales” period. A merchant will advertise 10 or 15% off the sales price and get a “ho-hum” reaction and a slight uptick in sales but when it’s “tax Free” (basically a tad over 8% reduction) people will actually walk on top of each other to get to the goods. Maybe they should use some of those tax savings and invest in math books.

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      1. I know – it was this past weekend! I stay away from the stores at all costs on that weekend, because it is a madhouse & they are only saving maybe 8.25% at best. I think the masses like it because it’s almost guaranteed on most things they might be buying, as opposed to a smaller selection of items on the higher percentage sale. Heck, I don;t know. 🙂 I think it’s more a psychology thing than a math thing . . . and the retailers know it!


  5. The rich get richer and…. well, you know the rest. (Why there hasn’t been a revolution overthrowing our rich masters is beyond me. I predicted it would happen by 2000. Prolly too many people dreaming of becoming the rich masters.)

    Love of money may not be the root of all evil, but it sure gets the lion’s share.

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    1. Hey GR! Good to be back, if I can just get on some sort of schedule! I have been floundering all over the place lately . . .
      Texas has some wonderful attributes (including people), and some crazy ass politicians 😉 I do hope you get to visit our state again – there’s so much to see!! I’ve been here much of my life & have seen only a small small fraction!

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  6. Grandchildren are definitely a geographic draw. I do appreciate your frank and sensible assessment of TX politics. I can’t quite see myself voting for any of the current national candidates with TX roots.

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    1. Trump is polling high numbers simply because he is different. Whether good different or bad different doesn’t seem to matter. He is the only candidate not acting political and therefore a breath of fresh air. I seriously doubt his popularity will result in him getting the nomination but it is entertaining while it lasts..

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    2. I know AP&N!! I have been amazed at the reactions of the American people & it’s just the beginning of the political season. Time will tell, and right now time has got me scared shitless LOL!!

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  7. Oh My Goodness Gracias! Sadie. I know I ‘read’ this, but truth be told I did not reeely ‘read’ it. You, my Dear, are scary smart, (well in my book all that means is that we share same sentiments—just kidding–you are scary smart on yer own-sef…)
    I was wondering if you happen to be a Molly Ivins fan–of course you are–and we have spoken on this topic too many times, but since I am rambling, and since I have missed seeing you ‘darken’ my page…. well I am rambling, and of course since I am all about ‘sameless’ self-promotion, I attach this link to some Molly I stole from YouTube…
    Why? Two reasons: I love it when you come to visit and because I am a hopeless sycophant.
    Nuff said; n’est-ce-pas?
    Missed you Girl.
    Rock on!
    Texas Ledge!
    Keep spending Boys: it’s only money!

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    1. Lance – I loved Molly!! One of my proudest moments was when my best friend’s dad, a man I have the utmost respect for, told me I could be the next Molly Ivins after he read a letter I wrote to the local newspaper. Though it was just a letter, they decided to use it as a guest commentary on the editorial page that day. Needless to say, I was stoked! Doubt I’ll ever be as good as Molly, but she is certainly someone I aspire to be like! And you know I will go & watch the video again 🙂 The years Ross Perot ran were pure gold for Saturday Night Live, among others – some of my fondest comedic memories!!

      Can I finish . . . Can I finish . . . LMAO!!


  8. I am way late to this post – but seeing there was a debate this week I found this post very relevant – and my oh my do the republicans have a weird mix of folks running – I like Rubio most from this week’s debate – but the questions and whole things was amiss.
    anyhow, grandkids aree a reason so stay anywhere – and I hope to be an active part of my grandkids lives someday – very very important! so you know you are in the right place – and love your views and points- like this one:
    “if that has anything to do with all the unemployed younger baby boomers who should still be working . . .”

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  9. Hey, Sadie : )

    Enjoyed the rant, and agreed. Have ranted re: politics/economics a teensy bit at my place, too (but not sweetly and funnily, like this–Like your style!) Just dropped in to check out my newest follower, and must say I’m honored. Thank you!

    –O. Babe


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