Who Would You Choose?


If I was given this luxury or gift of spending an hour sitting with anyone from the past or the present, it would be a difficult choice to make. I have a few that come to mind:

My Mom – I would apologize for all the times that I was such a bitch! Seriously!! I wasn’t a bad daughter per say, but I was a rebellious (to say the least) teenager and a hard ass as an adult. Now that I am older, I can appreciate a few of the situations she found herself in and why she struggled the way she did. I can also appreciate and understand the bond and love you feel with your children, especially your first. I don’t think most human beings really understand this until they have become a parent – truly. I know I didn’t. I would want her to tell me all about Heaven.

My Brother – Though I am the oldest sibling, my oldest brother died when I was five. He was 3 ½ years old. Things were said like pneumonia, crib death, and other things, but who really knows. Did he know I loved him? (I was told that I was so good with him and sweet, but did he realize it?) I would want to ask him what Heaven is like in his eyes, because I know if there is one, he is surely there!!  I’d want him to know even after all these years, though I don’t recall much, I have never forgotten about him. HE was my first real friend, and after watching my granddaughters together – I just know he and I were close like that.

My Papa – My grandpa died when I was 14. He had a massive heart attack in his 50s. I didn’t get a whole lot of time with him, but I got enough. I would want him to know that even after all these years, he was one of a few good men I was able to look up to and respect. He was one of the only men I ever trusted completely. I would tell him the lessons I learned from him were lifelong. I still think of him so often even now. They say some girls marry a guy just like their daddy, well I certainly didn’t – but I’m pretty sure I married a guy a lot like my Papa 🙂

My Father-in-law – I would gladly insist my husband take my place and spend that time with his dad and get those last words they needed. The one day he rallied to say goodbye to everyone was the one day out of three and half-weeks that we did not make the 3.5 hour drive one way to the hospital. The next day, we showed up early in the morning, but he was out of it again. He died a week later. We missed our opportunity to say goodbye – most importantly, my husband missed his opportunity. I would love it if they had that time together.

My younger self – I have so much advice, especially in hindsight. There’s a few habits I wouldn’t have picked up, and a few others I would’ve. I would have saved so much more money, had I only known what the future held. I wouldn’t have taken a few things so personally. I would’ve handled a few keys thing very differently, which would have changed the course of my life in some aspects, I believe, for the better.

This is a tough decision, so good thing it’s not for real! If you had this luxury or gift, who would you choose? It’s an interesting train of thought, for sure.

Anyway, just something I was thinking about . . .


24 thoughts on “Who Would You Choose?

  1. I would talk (seriously) to Ronnie Piland.
    And old friend of mine.
    Some of my ilk would say Shakespeare, Freud, Copernicus, Galileo, Jesus Christ, LeBron James (joke)
    Not me.
    For me:
    I would ask him just one question:
    “Why did you give your life?”
    And why did you spare mine?


  2. I think I would like to have a conversation with my mother, also.

    She died when I was 16 in 1995, and I feel she and I have missed out on so much as I have grown older and had so many life experiences.

    One day, in heaven 🙂

    Lovely idea.

    Miss Lou


    1. Hi Miss Lou! I am so lucky, as I had my mom until I was almost 37. She died on Mother’s Day in 1998 – which kind of puts a damper on Mother’s Day now – but I push through it since I have my own daughter & now granddaughters 🙂 Thanks for sharing & commenting!


  3. I think I’d like to have a chat with Jesus. Not cause I want to worship him but to see what he really had in mind when he did what he did and how badlky we’ve twisted it. It would be reassuring to hear it from his mouth.

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  4. Very good question. I have a bench where I sometimes sit and think. It overlooks Lake Erie. I ponder many thoughts and ideas. I think the person I would like to have a conversation with is Queen Elizabeth I. She was a feminist as am I. And she was a wise leader giving England a progressive and prosperous reign. I would like to talk to her about women’s rights, the Middle East and genocide. Thanks for asking. Hugs, Barbara


      1. An hour would be enough for a full psychoanalysis of the man. Then I still get to kill him if I´m not getting what I want after 1 minute. So it´s a win situation for me.


    1. Gator Woman – Thanks so much for reading & sharing! Gandhi would be a fascinating choice!
      Enjoyed a few of your posts I had the opportunity to read, too 🙂


  5. I would also have to say my mother who also passed on Mother’s Day 1998! Due to personal circumstances caused by me I was unable to spend any time with her during the last year of her life. But I know that she was waiting to hear from me on that Mother’s Day that she passed away only because I learned she passed not even 30 minutes after I called down to wish her happy mother’s day and tell her that her baby in San Antonio loved her! I did not get to speak to her but asked the nurse to relay the message for me.

    I would want to tell her how much I truly loved and how sorry I am that I was not a better son. I truly believed that due to my own personal health issue that I would wind up dying at my mother’s home with her by my side. God had other plans for me and I would want to let her know that I am no longer angry that she left me when she was at such a young age.


    1. Thanks so much for the nomination, Monika!! I am so stoked & honored 🙂 It means a lot that others are interested in, get a laugh or enjoyment from, or find meaning or inspiration in my musings. I’m glad you have enjoyed my posts!


  6. Okay Sadie – this post gave me some wet eyes – wow – just so wonderful – and what a heartfelt share…. loved so much – but having your momma tell you about heaven was my fav


  7. Whao, given the opportunity I’d talk to my brother he died at 13, I was 9. I would ask if he saw all the confusion that his sudden death caused, how lots of people including his mother was framed as ‘witches’ that ate his body in the ‘spirit world.’
    I’d ask if his hurting head is better now. I am hoping he’d say yes and would pull his Nigerian talking drum and say ‘ I’ll drum, you dance and sing along to the rhythm”

    For a minute, I thought this might happen – a dream it is


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