Monthly Archives: January 2020

53 – 47, 53 – 47, 53 – 47 🙈

So I guess we will have a sham of a trial with NO EVIDENCE & NO WITNESSES (as it currently stands) . . . 3 votes on amendments so far. (Yes talking about the impeachment.)

I can only hope if for some reason I am ever on trial, these “justice seekers who swore an oath to this country, its people, and God, to be impartial” (& who will do as their leader bids) control my trial . . . Oh but wait that would never happen, as I am not a dictating monarch. I am the everyday American – you know just your average person . . . probably JUST LIKE YOU. I am not rich, nor do I have people in my back-pocket & kissing my ass. Nor would I want or choose to be like that. I was raised better & I have a conscience!

If you are so sure your leader is innocent, then look at all the evidence – but no, the Republican Party would rather turn a blind eye for partisanship – shameful & disgraceful 🤥

Just something I was thinking about, as I watch this shitshow . . .

(Yes, Sadie has been watching & paying attention 🤨😡🤢)