New World Order?

I keep hearing my conservative friends talk about the conspiracy that some new world order is being brought about and has secretly been in work for decades by the liberal 1%.

After listening to this, I can’t help but think – there’s your new world order taking shape … and it’s frightening 😳😬

Just something I was thinking about …

3 thoughts on “New World Order?

  1. “Never expect you to read me, though you were one of my first followers, I believe 🙂 I enjoy reading your musings – look forward to it, actually! That’s the beauty of this forum – engage as a writer, a reader or both – it’s all good!!! Take care of yourself, Lance!! I am looking forward to both – reading more of your blog and reading more of your wonderful comments on mine, when you get the opportunity 🙂
    Sending good thoughts your way!!!! (And thought of you watching Sarah Silverman host SNL the other night 😉 )”


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