14 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – My Life

  1. Ha! Well said Sadie. I have discovered some of the most amazing things when a plan goes astray or needs revamping. Kind of like the truth has interceded and gave up a few gems. Ha! When I was with my ex, who had, at the time 2children who were about 7 and 9, we took a vacation to New York city. We wanted to visit the Statue of Libety and had to park some distance from the pier and walk down (parking anywhere in NYC is 20 bucks, like beer tickets – a 20 for each parking spot, no matter how long). Anyway, having visited and then returned, we were walking back to the car when the little girl needed to use the bathroom. We were passing the Manhattan Club at the time, so I lead them inside and the concierge directed her to the the ladies room. Meanwhile I was exploring the lobby and lo and behold there was the Heisman Trophy, just sitting there on display in a cabinet. I had no clue what the Manhattan Club even was, let alone that the Heisman was kept there.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heisman_Trophy Pretty amazing, standing there completely by accident, looking at one of the most presigious awards in football. Blew me away.

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    1. Very few plans I have ever made have gone the distance without some major change or tweaks here & there. Nothing these days is going according to the plan I had in my head for years & years. BUT, it’s okay 😉 I’m still here . . .


  2. oh I agree – adaption is the key – and changing expectations has really helped me – along with some healthy denial and maybe suppressing some important goals while just pretending – just kidding just kidding –

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