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Women’s Libidos – Really?

I have been hearing and reading a lot lately about Mike Huckabee’s comments about women’s libidos and contraception. Apparently he said something to the effect that the Affordable Care Act provided free contraception to women because essentially some people think women can’t control their libidos.

As a journalist my first instinct was to go find the video and see it for myself, in complete context, but I didn’t – and I’ll tell you why. Regardless of what exactly was meant by what was said exactly and the various interpretations of this comment, my question is . . . .

WHY are we talking about women’s libidos and personal health care choices that involve their quality of life? This discourse included married women – like their husbands are going to be onboard 100 percent with their wives “limiting their libidos” to avoid pregnancy. And I have to admit – I believe the old joke 99 percent of the time – what do you call women who you use the rhythm method of contraception? The answer is mothers. Even weathermen and farmers use more than a calendar to make predictions and determine action.

Do we have these discussions about men and their “little blue pills,” or whatever they take, for their erectile dysfunction? It’s also pretty well known there are many men who take these pills who don’t need them, they just want to be able to have more sex or extended  sex – but that’s a libido discussion for another day.

Do we have women in our congress – Senate and House of Representatives, as well as in other key management positions in our government making healthcare decisions for men and their quality of life? The sexual part of their lives and identities in particular?

There is not equal representation out there for women when it comes to government mandated decisions regarding women’s reproductive rights and lives because women make up a  small percentage of those who hold office. This is a problem, and I think we need to start thinking about that in our future voting decisions – as well as the fact there are many young ambitious intelligent thoughtful women who could run for these offices now and in the future.

Notice I have not mentioned party-lines – not interested in that. I am interested in women who understand the ramifications, situations and specific concerns of being  a woman being responsible for, or at least involved in, making decisions or at least having a majority say in legislation passed that affects women.

And one other point . . . this is 2014. Have we not learned that sex is an essential emotional, psychological, physiological and personal part of being a human – whether you are male or female? Again, why would this or any political discussion involve the word libido at all?

Just something I was thing about . . .

Sexual Harassment Seriously!?!

I am not sure to what think about the way we are inadvertently raising our kids today. Here’s this poor little six-year old boy getting in all that trouble for kissing his little girlfriend’s hand. I understand that boundaries need to be set. It just seems to me that this big of a fuss and the resulting repercussions are damaging to young children’s psyches and their future opinions and attitudes about the opposite sex and sex in general. Quite frankly, I don’t view kissing a girl’s hand to be a sexual act – but the school called it sexual harassment. Now this little boy’s mother is having to explain what sex and sexual harassment is to a child who doesn’t know and at this age, shouldn’t have to know.

Though he is a little young to be kissing a girl’s hand – how gentlemanly gallant and sweet. I can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever make that “mistake” again. I mean really, was it that bad; was is that big of a deal? I just read that the school overturned his suspension and allowed him back at school. I guess this is one of those times the media was really helpful at persuading the “powers that be” to reconsider their views of a situation they have passed judgment on, a situation that will make a lasting impact on other lives.

If you haven’t heard about it, here’s a couple of links to the story:



Little kids have crushes, always have. I did, and I’m sure you did, too. When I was 12, one of my “admirers” (he had a crush on me, not the other way around) used to spit in my hair and tripped me once while I was getting off the school bus, causing me to chip my tooth – probably why I remember it and Greg so well, still got a chipped tooth. Greg had no idea how to show a girl he liked her. I bring that up because this little boy didn’t do anything mean and disgusting like that.

When I was seven, I had the biggest crush on the son of my mother’s best friend. His name was Ricky and he was so cute and sweet. We played house a lot, with our siblings playing, too. Ricky and I pretended to be husband and wife; we always said we would get married when we grew up. Sometimes we held hands and several times kissed each other . . . on the lips (no tongue of course – we were 7!).

That innocent little “summer romance” is a wonderfully dear memory of my childhood and did not affect me negatively in any way. I didn’t grow up “fast” or “loose,” and have a healthy attitude towards sex and the opposite sex.

Maybe it’s just me, but as a society, we need to chill out. We need to remember what’s it’s like to be kids or teenagers. I’m not saying we should let kids run amuck, but let’s remember that they are kids. I am aware that technology, societal changes, and increased violence (sexual and otherwise) are game changers in the way kids grow up these days and that adds a new element to how boundaries need to be set. But let the punishment fit the crime.

Now I wasn’t there, but from what I heard and read, it seems to me that the little boy’s parents should have been called and they (parents and teacher/school official) should have talked to him relaying that though what he did was a very nice gesture, it is just not appropriate for little boys to do, particularly at school. Let’s not do it again, or the consequences will be more severe. Notify the little girl’s parents. PERIOD.

These types of incidents always perplex me . . . I don’t know, just something I was thinking about.