Flirting With Disaster . . .

While having a conversation with a friend the other day, an interesting subject came up about recent events in her life . . .

You know when you are doing something that reeks of flirting with disaster, but the heat of it all just pulls you in? Though you never really cross the line, you know you could at any moment if you so desired, but you don’t. And since that is the case, why flirt with it at all? Does the situation fill a void, address a need, bring back a feeling, evoke another time, teach you something about yourself (or someone/something else), or make you feel alive – all of these or maybe something entirely different? Then there’s your own cross talk. How do you address that? Do you really listen to it, or do you shuck it off – trusting your intuition, while discounting your own common sense? Do you think you have a handle on it, completely under control at all times? Are you fooling yourself; could you get in too deep?  Is this something you would share with a close friend, and if not why? What would you tell a good friend if they approached you with a similar situation seeking your advice?

These are the types of questions I asked her. After all, she did come to me for advice.

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