Dangerous winds are blowing . . .

I’ve noticed lately, often I hear about the news on Facebook before anywhere else. Today a post came up pointing to an article on USA Today.  I included the link below, in the event you haven’t read it yet. It is very disturbing indeed. With the uncertainties with Russia already, this newest proclamation is straight out of World War II and the Third Reich. I have to say, I am more cynical than ever regarding our future – as a nation and as a world. Who knows where this is going to lead . . .

USA Today – Jews ordered to register in East Ukraine

Just something I was thinking about . . . right now ☮

8 thoughts on “Dangerous winds are blowing . . .

  1. The authorities have been unable to discover who distributed the flyers or where they came from. It is starting to look like a hoax for purposes of raising emotions against the Russians.

    I don’t doubt there will be more such ruses to try and swing world opinion for or against the Russians.

    As much as many are concerned about the Russian presence in the Crimea, I do not think it constitutes a serious international incident. Firstly, the majority of the citizens are Russian and are not concerned. Secondly, Russia has a major naval base in the Crimea and is naturally concerned about access as Ukraine becomes more politically unstable. This base has nuclear weapons and I think the majority of the world would like to see nuclear weapons kept out of the hands of a politically unstable country. And last but certainly not least – it is my undersatnding (and please correct me if i’m wrong) that the Crimea originally was Russian and during the Soviet period it was given to Ukraine for administrative purposes. The Russians are taking back what they originally owned.

    I don’t agree with the way Putin did it and it certainly is difficult for those who are not Russian and are living in the Crimea. However, it is not tantamount to the opening vollies of another world war.


    1. I certainly hope not, Paul, & thanks for your input. I read later they could not confirm who distributed the flyers. And I’ll be the first to admit, I do not know as much as I probably should about that area of the world and its politics. When I made the post, it had just hit the news, so didn’t have a lot of info at the time. The whole thing was just disturbing.


  2. Welcome to something we don’t hear much about anymore, the Cold War. Ukraine is a tragic situation. We have to do whatever we can to help them but that is very limited outside of sanctions. But it has always been a fact that the United States is not going to war with Russia near Russia’s soil. Each administration from Eisenhower thru Bush has had a serious urgent incident or two to deal with about the USSR and now Russia, as long as I can remember. Some were wars. Way before Obama and it will be that way after Obama if we continue to be smart and react slowly and be cautious. With Russia slowly recovering militarily and financially we can expect them to do these kinds of things much more boldly in the future. Russia will never allow anything to threaten their Naval Port resources, as meager as they now are, in Crimea. NATO, Europe and the U.S. were not taken by surprise when the Russia troops moved thru Crimea and near the Ukrainian border. They all knew talks of Ukraine joining NATO and increasing relations with the west would eventually draw a reaction from Russia. I believe they are glad that Russia did react. The Europeans understand very well where their petroleum resources are coming from and believe that is much more important than having Ukraine wanting to join NATO or getting more involved in the West’s already very fragile economy. They are not saying this but I feel having Russia move to invade/secure/shakeup (what ever it is) the region has relieved a lot of tension that the West was feeling about Ukraine’s continued courting for closer western relations. Although most civilians like ourselves are surprised with the Crimea takeover, I can’t imagine anyone in the Administration, military or foreign relations committees that didn’t see this coming and I think they are glad it finally has come to a head.


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