Looking for Signs

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Typically I write about things going on in the world. Today I’m pondering the strangest things. So my dishwasher quit working a few days back. Gotta love when things go wrong and you are not expecting it or it is a problem (for whatever reason). So my husband had to pull out the dishwasher and try to repair it – which he was unable to do.

BUT, the most random thing happened. In all the strange and out of the ordinary things that have happened lately, today was a bit trippy. After the dishwasher was pulled out and messed with, a few margaritas were had to celebrate the fact that we could not repair it and it will need replaced – meaning we will be washing dishes by hand for a while. We celebrate odd things around our house – and after a few margaritas, I was buzzing pretty good and not feeling quite so bad about the dishwasher anymore, and I happen to look down, and I found this little piece of copper lying on the floor. It’s so small, it’s barely the size of a third of my fingernail.

The minute I find it, I recognize where it is from – a favorite pair of copper earrings I haven’t worn in over 3 years because I had lost a piece – the piece I happened to find tonight. I have to admit, in light of all the bullshit going on, this was amazing since this was one of my favorite pair of earrings that I got compliments on all the time, and had quit wearing because I had a lost a piece of one of them – though refused to throw them away. Needless to say, I thought it was lost forever – so finding it, and finding it in this manner was, may I say, so fucking random!

I was just thrilled about this find – I am pretty easy to amuse most days! I know this seems like such a small thing, but for some reason, I felt this was a turning point. We all find signs where we want, and this was a sign for me that things are going to be looking up, that unexpected joyful things are going to keep happening. I hope I am correct in this assumption. BUT even if I’m not, I now have one of my fav pieces of jewelry back in service. These earrings probably didn’t cost me but about $15 or thereabouts, but it’s just the fact that after all this time, I found the missing piece.

Then today, I discovered the most wonderful tenants in my huge fig tree in my back yard. Four small owls; I think they are fledglings. I was so excited to know they have been living there. That may be what my dog was going ape-shit over last year, too, and I just didn’t notice them. I hear they are habitual about where they nest, so hopefully they will return next year, too. I can only hope so! I consider these little owls to be a sign of hope for new and exciting things in the future, if I am curious enough to pay attention.

Like I said, we all find our way and our signs in different places. What about you? What do you think?

Just something I was thinking about . . . .


And I get the image credits today 🙂 

13 thoughts on “Looking for Signs

  1. haha, what a day you have, a dishwasher going broke then you celebrate that with getting drunk( invite me to your house I tend to brake things around my house without noticing), thank´s to the broken dishwasher you know have your earrings back and now looking nice (loved the wording “finding in this manner,may I say, so fucking random….” that put a smile on my face) and you find the awls…. you have some random writing, even more than me which is to say. This was a fun read. About finding signs in different places? I think I just found it reading this thing, the random things that happen in life and in this case that I just read 🙂


    1. Why thank you charlypriest!! That is one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. I started this blog thinking I would always write about “important” stuff going on around us. But in all honesty, sometimes that requires a lot of research – which I love to do. BUT sometimes I just aint feeling it. Sometimes I am just “feeling” period – but I feel like maybe that doesn’t go along with the theme of my blog. I am a bit random LMAO, especially when I am not thinking things to death 😉 You have no idea how much of a compliment I find that to be!! I write poetry and sometimes romance/chic lit stuff, too – I just don’t post it here. I actually posted something funny on here a month or so back – “Oh Lord” – well at least I thought it was funny 😉 Anyway – I am so glad you enjoyed this post. I am about to go to bed – but you have capped off my day 🙂


      1. It was a fun read, the way you wrote it as in talking, the expressions you used and all. I tend do do that, write as you talk kind of thing. At least in the blog, not for the short stories I send to latter be rejected.

        And I also liked, since I do that too, is taking little things and make a whole world around them, making them wild and absurd but fun and clever.


  2. So cool about your earrings. The owls are so cute! They must be from the same nest. I didn’t think owls had so many offspring so I looked it up. 4-5 is typical but the numbers are spread out. Some only have 2 eggs and some as many as 12 eggs. Ha! You’re lucky – you could have had up to 12 baby owls peeking out of your tree. I hope some stay and make your tree their permanent home.We’ll be waiting for updates – you are now the official spokeswoman for the owls. We expect you to take your new responsibilities with the great honor in which they are endowed.


    1. Thanks Paul – for continuing to read my musings & commenting! Yeah, I was totally stoked about the earrings 🙂 I will definitely take my “owl” responsibilities with great honor – just hope I don’t catch the little boys behind me shooting at them with their pellet guns. Once after vocal cord surgery, when I couldn’t talk, I caught them shooting at the doves – I went ape-shit & started pounding on the fence & handed them a note that said – NO shooting of doves, mockingbirds OK! We have lots of mockingbirds & they can be quite a pain in the butt – but right after I told them that, it dawned on me that the mockingbird is our state bird, so I had just told them to go break the law . . . not my finest moment, but funny just the same. I could handle 12 little owl babies in my tree – they are not screech owls, so their voices are quite soothing to me!


      1. I saw lots of signs in the grocery store, too! 😀

        More seriously, thanks to your post, I’ve had Neil Diamond’s tune, Signs, running through my head for days, now.


  3. “a few margaritas were had to celebrate the fact that we could not repair it”

    I love how your mind works!

    “Like I said, we all find our way and our signs in different places.”

    Love this post Sadie.


    1. Thanks so much Lance!!! I’m happy somebody loves how it works 😉 Yeah I definitely have my own way of doing things & handling life 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it! Cheers right back at ya! ☮ Looking forward to Part 7 😉


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