What I Don’t LIKE

Stream of Consciousness Saturday Writing Prompt

This week’s prompt word is “like.” Any way you want to interpret it, “like” always.

I like so many things, as such a variety of things bring me incredible joy. I do find joy in all the little things that surround me! I can tell you what I don’t LIKE though:

I don’t like dishonesty.

I don’t like people who are closed or small minded.

I don’t like people who show favoritism when it is not appropriate – like between your kids or grandkids, or employees. etc.

I don’t like when people are disingenuous.

I don’t like mind games.

I don’t like pollution or chemicals.

I don’t like traffic.

I don’t like thieves.

I don’t like grudge-holders.

I don’t like it when the system only works for those who know how to abUSE it.

I don’t like when people re-write history trying to forget their bad behavior.

I don’t like rats, roaches, or anything that bites or stings.

I do like the blessing of waking up every morning & being able to get to the bathroom by myself 😉

Just something I was thinking about . . .

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22 thoughts on “What I Don’t LIKE

  1. I know the feeling, I also enjoy the little things in life, sometimes, for example, I just like to walk without earphones and I find amusing to watch people and the things they do when they think no one is watching – I hope that didn’t sound as stalker as it sounded when I read it -. I like to sit on the bench of the garden and just listen to the breeze and the birds singing, it’s amazing.


    1. I agree – health & mobility are truly blessings! I don’t think people think so much about mobility until they don’t have it.Thanks Alexis for the follow & for commenting! Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!


  2. I don’t like licorice.
    Everything else (food-wise) is just Jim-Dandy.
    Even sushi!
    Especially sushi (served up with a long neck Lone Star Beer with saki on the side.)


    1. Lance – I do not like licorice either – so never could get into anything Jaigermeister, or Nyquil when I am sick LOL! Don’t like beer either (yeah – my beer loving family are ashamed of me!) . . . but my “do not like” list couldn’t go on forever!!! Only had saki once (plum wine, right??) – but not a big wine drinker either . . .
      Thanks for continuing to read my musings and commenting!!


      1. I love reading your stuff Sadie.
        If ya wanna read latest Shonnie. It will be up in a few minutes.
        Yeah. Licorice is the worst thing on Earth! I do enjoy Nyquil though Hahahaha


  3. You don´t like rats….come on, the Chinese eat them,must be tasty.
    That last one, you liked to go to the bathroom by yourself…just made me smile. And since I´m a bit of a pervert I just picture a gorgeous woman bathing herself 😉


    1. Mr. Priest . . . you make me blush sir LMAO!!! I meant I wasn’t wheelchair bound & could get up & down by myself (you know the whole nursing home thing!?!)!! 😉 Since I have read a few of your posts – yeah maybe just a little bit of a pervert – but you are only 31, so I will cut you some slack on that – now totally laughing at you! And NO, only like rats if I am shooting them with a .22 or they are already dead!! I would starve to death in China!!! Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂


      1. I´m a nice pervert……..wheelchair bound? Hey, life is beautiful your alive, plus I did take care of my uncle until the day he died, so I´m a qualified nurse. Give me a buzz any day, won´t charge you. Just want to get back to the U.S.


  4. It is actually 2:00 am now. Laughing – like the comparison – hate the show – but then again I never get so drunk I do stupid things & I am smart enough to know there is always someone watching (recording, taking pics, whatever) I didn’t get this far being stupid 😉 You definitely make me laugh!!! For the record, don’t think they make those shows for girls anyway, just saying . . .


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