Political Incorrectness – a little comedy

So, no one would ever accuse me of being a conservative, and not sure the liberals would claim me either 🙂 I am definitely independent, and all that that entails – though they’d probably say I was too radical for them ;-).

I know there’s some bad shit going on in the world right now – all over . . . war, genocide, Ebola, sanctioning left and right, more impending war, economies and their people struggling. I typically do not do a lot of what some might call comedy on this blog, or even a lot of personal stuff per say. Having said that, I needed a break from all this depressing reality. So, here’s a little light comedy in the form of a parody.

This in no way means I think we should be making fun of our government, especially right now when the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, but . . . this was just too damn funny not to share.

I found this video on Facebook. I laughed my ass off!! Watch this as a parody/comedy, not as a political piece, for it’s full hilariousness! I did NOT post this as a political piece – I posted it because it reminded me of Saturday Night Live, if you want to know the truth 🙂 I DON’T care what party you align with, you gotta find this shit funny and right now I think we could all use a laugh!!

Just something I was thinking about . . . (that & having a sense of humor & being able to laugh at ourselves when things are frightening, uncertain, stressful!) ~ ☮ ~

10 thoughts on “Political Incorrectness – a little comedy

  1. Ummm, you know, there is some truth in that. Trouble is, it’s not that simple because we are not that simple. As human beings we are given our physical existence, a world with enough food, a brain to think , legs to run, eyes to see, and so on. We did not earn or ask for, or in any way do anything for these gifts. Then, on top of that, we construct ouselves – we build on it to become successful (whatever your personal definition may be) or leaches or whatever. So, in my mind, effective government should reflect our personal circumstances . That is to say, we should have free health care, enough food so as not to go hungry, subsidized education and a social net for times when we are crushed by life and need a breather to get restarted.Then over and above that, we should bear the responsiblity to create ourselves as we see fit – and should reap the rewards of our endeavors – good or bad. That better reflects our individual structure. It has been proven time and time again that it is more effective and financially viable to give people what they need to be well and productive members of our society. The last time i heard, it cost over $50,000 peryear just to incarcerate one human. Lot of money, far more than it costs to help someone become productive.

    Anyway, the humor was funny, if for no other reason than the simplistic persepectives that are used to justify grinding part of the population so that a few can have riches beyond their ability to ever spend.

    Thanks Sadie – good post.


  2. OK, I’m going to let ya get by with this one, this time, because this was funny. But you’re on shakie ground, us liberals don’t have much of a sense of humor, you know… Hahahaha! 😀


  3. Well, perhaps I should wait until after I have my first cup of coffee this morning before commenting. Because the only good thing I have to say about that video is that I thought it was well drawn and the renderings and voices of the characters were spot on. That said, I thought the school test analogy was totally off and the message was simplistic and pure political propaganda.

    I know you didn’t post this as a political piece, but I thought the video was way more political than it was hilarious. It would be one thing if everyone started out on a level playing field with the same opportunities for success and failure as everyone else. But that utopia doesn’t exist in reality.

    Okay, now that I got that off my chest, I’m going to brew myself a pot of coffee. After watching that video, I think I’m going to need a lot if it!


    1. Thanks for starting your day with me! I’m sorry it started your day off wrong. That’s why I gave the warning – I knew some might find it more political than funny. I truly found it to be hilarious, more than anything because it’s so over the top all the way around. I mean when Hillary slaps Bill and Arnold Schwarzenegger comes running out – that right there makes me laugh out loud! First time I watched I was just laughing my ass off, & my husband came in & asked me what was so funny – he could hear me laughing at the other end of the house 🙂 (OK, the house isn’t all that big, but still 😉 ) And I agree, the video is well drawn and the renderings and voices of the characters were spot on 😉

      As a side note, in college, when I took College Algebra (NOT my strong suit), I had 3 options that semester. I could take the hardest professor on campus, the “To Be Announced” teacher, or the professor who provided group tests where most students made A’s. Both of these professors (both Ph.D.s) were well known for their teaching philosophies. Though this was totally not a good subject for me, the thought of taking group tests and relying on others for my grade terrified me. I decided to take the TBA instructor & take my chances – it turned out to be the hardest professor. My sister took the group test professor. She is worse at Algebra than I am. She made an A in the class. I barely pulled a C, the only C I made in my 4 yrs. About the 3rd time I watched this video, I thought about that. 🙂


      1. No worries. It was a funny, very well drawn, and certainly over the top video. I guess I have just lost my sense of humor when it comes to our dysfunctional political environment and partisan propaganda these days. And I also learned an important lesson that morning. Never comment on anyone’s post until after consuming that first cup of coffee in the morning!


  4. This was funny, what the hell do you do in facebook……great video laughing a bit at everybody, although Mr. Obama Wama is worst than the socialist leaders we have here in Spain. Actually more dangerous since he´s in charge of a superpower that although not a perfect one it sure brings more stability than instability in the world if used semi properly.
    My hero of all of them, has to be Clinton,damn, wouldn´t it have been fun working for that guy. Might not agree at all with his politics but I´m sure all guys would have some good times inside the oval office.


    1. Thanks Charly! I thought you would find it funny 🙂
      Clinton – I was working as an education journalist, mostly from home, at the time Clinton was going through the impeachment hearings. Though I did not agree with his cheating (and especially under those circumstances), that is none of my business and is between him and his wife and family. As I was sitting at my computer working and watching the hearings, I remember, I cried. I was so ashamed and embarrassed for my country and felt like the world was most likely laughing at us. It’s just my opinion, but pretty sure when America was focused on that shit – 9/11 was being planned. Though I can be a bit of a cynic, I’ll be willing to bet just about every president we have had has had affairs, especially in my lifetime – though I could be wrong, I doubt it. The media can be a great thing, and it can be a poison, too . . . and social media . . . as great as it is, that poison is just beginning . . .
      Yeah – that opinion came from a communications professional . . . 😉


      1. Sadie, what a woman you are. You´re life sure seems to have been and is interesting. You said you worked as an editor, now a education journalist…what is that? And if you worked from home on that, if you tell me what it is you can teach me something if you have the time and energy. I will pay, I have a cedit card!!! man, long time with out one. Feels good.


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