Honest Deception – poetry


As February has 31 days

And the Sun circles the Earth ten different ways

Each morning the sun rises in the west

And your last guess is always the best

Remember people never lie

And if you live righteously you’ll never die

Being in love always lasts forever

Will the good times end – oh no never

People will always love each other

No one will ever kill another’s brother


I wrote this back in April in response to NaPoWriMo prompt from Daisy Fried, – the basic idea was to write a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. It seemed appropriate for today and I needed a break from all the seriousness – spent half the day watching the Ferguson, MO press briefings and the likes. It’s a mess there for sure! I think I threatened to post a poem on here at some point, too 😉 Don’t worry, I won’t be posting too many poems in this forum! Hope you liked it and if not, well, please be kind LOL 😉

Anyway . . . just something I was thinking about . . .

11 thoughts on “Honest Deception – poetry

    1. Thanks so much Doobster!! I love writing poetry (and other genres), but I share that in other venues. That one just seemed to fit my mood & the prevailing events going on around us, in a roundabout way 😉 I try to keep this blog true to my dream of many years. I wanted to write a column, a lot like Molly Ivins or Charley Reese. It was always called “Just Something I Was Thinking About” – just took me a little over a decade & being unemployed before I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad you enjoy reading my musings – I enjoy yours, too!!


  1. First time I´ve read a poem of your´s, I was wondering as I was reading it is she for real? She´s being sarcastic or she really trying to believe this herself….then I read the ending comment. Damn, you are a very good liar.

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    1. Thanks so much, Charly ❤
      I had fun with it!! Did you check out the NaPoWriMo link I included to the website for National Poetry Writing Month – it's every April – a poem a day. I had a lot of fun with that 🙂


      1. I´m a bit down now, physically I mean. But getting stronger so I will check it out when I´m better. I like to read your poetry, should start digging more throughout your blog for your own poetry.


  2. That poem had me thinking you were a speechwriter for the Prime Minister–or for Chloe Kardashian. That’s the kind of crap they tend ot say all the time, with a straight face. Then I read the part in italics below the poem and was sore disappointed for you, since Chloe didn’t pay you bucks to write that; but not disappointed for me. 🙂


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