Response to Stream of Consciousness Saturday  (SoCS) writing prompt –“ The prefix, re-.  Add whatever you want to the end of it and away you go!”   If you’re interested, go on over to Linda’s Blog and read the rules to participate 🙂


After listing a few “re”-words, it’s easy to see – words using prefixes with re- are just another way of saying doing it again. At first thought, this seems wasteful – wasting time, energy, money, materials. Upon reexamination though, many “re”-words are expressions of survival, adaptation, working through problems – all actions important to be successful in life and understand how to cope with  certain disappointments with  careers, relationships, passions, dreams, goals, and other journeys people take through their lifetimes.

Relive the joys

Rejuvenate your energy

React after counting to 10

Reapply concepts that worked

Retrain your mind

Reevaluate your goals

Redefine your career/life choice, as you grow

Remake your “public” image

Resupply your self-esteem

Replay your dreams

Review your affairs regularly

Reflex and intuition can be trusted

Reset your response clock

Rewrite your destiny

Revisit the past, especially the best parts

Reappear in someone’s life

Research your needs

Rewind your negative attitudes

Rebuild flailing relationships

Rearrange your priorities

Revise your plan as needed

Refill your happy cup frequently

Reinvent your life

Rerun the traditions you value

Regroup when frustration sets in

Relax your expectations

Reassess your weaknesses

Reinforce your faith and trust

I don’t know, this is just me writing stream of consciousness, but seems to make sense. Maybe overall, a good philosophy. What do you think?

Just something I was thinking about . . .


18 thoughts on “UNDERSTAND, ADAPT and SURVIVE: Re-* (SoCS)

    1. Thanks so much Doobster! I stress a little on the SoCS because I am an editor as much as a writer & I typically edit & re-edit before I post anything. These are a challenge for my mind – write it & release it LOL!! Haven’t had a chance to read yours yet. That’s on tomorrow’s agenda 🙂


  1. Hey Sadie – very thoughful post and as much as I had not considered it before, you are right – “re-” is associated with winning. And I suspect that is so because bad ideas are not worth repeating and hence so few are “re-‘ed” (Doob’ll have a fit over that one.) That is a very original, very brilliant observation. Great post and well done.

    Oh, as an aside, I did another guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom yesterday http://cordeliasmomstill.com/2014/09/04/red-stars-guest-post-by-paul-curran/comment-page-1/#comment-3469 I would be honored if you could find the time to drop by and have a read. Thank You very much.

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    1. Thanks so much for the complimentary words, Paul!! That means a lot coming from you, especially since I didn’t get to edit it. (I might’ve rearranged a few things.) I started listing the RE-words, then found my voice for the piece, & then once I got done, decided to add thoughts/sentences to the RE-words. Came together a bit differently then I usually write. Had fun with it, especially since it was a bit “out of my box” 😉 Now I am laughing . . . RE-words!! (I love it when I just make up words!)

      You know I will definitely give your latest post a read – loved the last one!! (I learned a little bit about you that I hadn’t picked up on – I think you might be a bit of a thrill seeker 😉 )


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