Did You Live Today?

Not feeling real serious this week . . . enjoy . . .

Did you live today?? 🙂


Just something I was thinking about . . .

[Yeah, still celebrating my birthday just a little – long time girlfriends, Mexican food, and margaritas! Gotta love old friends ❤ ]

12 thoughts on “Did You Live Today?

    1. Thanks Paul! I tried to upload it from my library, but apparently you have to pay extra to upload music files. It’s one of my favs & I wanted to share it. Maybe when I get a chance I’ll type & add the lyrics. One of the lines is, “Did you live today?” Sorry you couldn’t listen to it! Hope you are having a great Saturday 🙂


        1. Prior, I’m glad you could get to it & that you enjoyed it! I started watching him play with a jazz band about 18 years ago. I love just about all of his songs! I LOVE music!! Was in a good mood & wanted to share it 🙂

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