Fine & Boycott the Bastards


Okay – so in the last three days I have had to call Comcast, Chase and my local credit union. Do you know where their customer service call centers are located – The Philippines (yeah, I asked!), every last one of them, even my credit union (which I must say surprised the shit out of me).

It’s no wonder people here can’t find jobs . . .

And don’t get me wrong, I want people in the Philippines to be able to work and eat and raise their families, but not at the expense of American’s doing without these jobs that President Bush-43 called the jobs of the 21st century.

Now, mind you, I have been out of work for over a year, though I am not a customer service person, but this kind of business practice affects us all!

I think everyone who does business this way should be heavily fined, and if possible boycotted!

Okay my rant for the day is done . . . (yes, this pisses me off!)

Just something I was thinking about . . . something I think about often, as a matter of fact! ☮



18 thoughts on “Fine & Boycott the Bastards

  1. What a pity there’s no [Double Like] button!

    The company I retired from last year was doing increasing amounts of OUS out-sourcing, and it made getting things done a nightmare. Firstly, rather than being able to talk to a worker immediately, you had to fire off an email and get a response next week. Secondly, the quality of worker wasn’t very good — price being of more concern to the company than quality. Thirdly, it’s really offensive considering how many USAnians are out of work in the same field. (I had co-worker friends let go due to out-sourcing, so it’s a real sore spot with me.)

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    1. Thanks WS for commenting! Earlier in the year, a woman hired me as her freelance copywriter. During the interview she told me she had about 20 graphic artists and programmers that worked for her in India, but she just couldn’t find anyone over there who could write English well. I guess she must have found her someone there who worked cheaper, because she never sent any work my way, though she introduced me to everyone in the building as her new copywriter. (And I set my rates towards the bottom end of the scale just to get the work.) I have to admit, I found her way of business distasteful, so even though I really needed the money & the work would’ve been good, I never called her back to inquire either. I’m all for people making money, as much as you can if that’s what you want, but have some ethics and morals about what you are doing. Support your own community and city, state, country so you and your neighbors can make a living and flourish to some degree. What was it my dad used to say – oh my gosh, can’t believe I am quoting my Dad – he would love that – but he used to tell me, “Always pay yourself first.” I think that applies here – same principle just a larger boundary.


      1. I can imagine. The documentation produced by our India workers was atrocious and pretty much unusable. Not much real cost savings in that, but the costs are long-term, and corporations today are all focused on short-term P&L.

        To my mind, with the USA economy and joblessness the way it is, sending work offshore is tantamount to treason. My employers got really grumpy when I said that, though…

        Ain’t it funny how, the older we get, the more we find ourselves channeling our parents! We all have those, “Oh, my god, I am my father/mother!!”

        Apparently it’s even worse if you have kids… also known as “Parents’ Revenge” for all the grief raising you cost them. XD


  2. I dislike this as well Sadie. Unfortunately it is very common. I was speaking to a service rep the other day and he was in Columbia. It impoverishes our countries and moves capital offshore. But realistically, companies who do not try to drive costs and prices down, will eventually fail. Consumers demand lowest prices and will not buy products of North Americans for a higher price even if it means losing jobs. What can we do? It is our own buyng practices that reinforces this behaviour.

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    1. I know, Paul. I have admitted many times, I know very little about economics, as well as how it relates to business, but I can’t help but think not all of them are failing, they are just raking it in . . . I mean how much is enough? Having said that, even the smaller businesses would probably make about the same in profits if they weren’t dealing with time changes, travel, communication issues resulting in program/product schedule pushbacks, transportation costs. I don’t know, I could be wrong, like I said, not my strong suit – though I would love to learn more. Even unemployed and living tight, I still seek out things I need that are made in the USA, even if I have to pay a little more. Maybe that’s why it really pisses me off 😉


  3. It all gets down to greed. Corporations exist for the sole purpose of making money and taking care of their shareholders. But the SCOTUS has imbued personhood on corporations, so you just have to look at corporations as greedy persons.

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  4. As long as the CEO’s are making 300 to 500 times more than their employees it will remain this way. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him. Interesting one of the companies you mentioned, Comcast, is one of only about 7 multimedia companies that control 90% of all cable, networks, publishing in the U.S. As long as these companies are allowed to get this big, and they are allowed to find cheap labor overseas, the middle class will be screwed.

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    1. DSS – I just watched that 14-hour documentary on the Roosevelts. It was really good! I agree with your comment regarding the oligopolies of multimedia companies – was shocked when the FCC changed the rules of ownership of media assets in the U.S.

      And I fucking hate Comcast! I am looking into getting rid of those pirates soon . . . (sorry, I just don’t think I could’ve expressed it in any other way . . . 😉 ) Always glad when you stop by DSS!


  5. well I am shocked that comcast is there too – and just a side note here- last month I was dealing with some customer service for something with my son – and the one department was horrible to deal with – they were American and local – and they were rude and only weeks later did I encounter efficient help with a different department. Anyhow, I fully agree that we need to stop outsourcing – but sometimes the best customer service (in my experience) is form overseas.

    however, I also worry about all the cars and products that come here – we are way too trusting and I heard that some racing jackets from Korea had some infectious powered in the labels – not to sound alarmist – but the day will come when we will have to wise up….

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    1. Prior – I think about all the products shipped in, too. Comcast CS has actually been there for awhile. (Yeah, I have had to call them a few times.) I hate when I hear local customer service departments are rude and unhelpful – come on people, we can’t insist it’s best to keep jobs here, if people aren’t going to take pride in their jobs. Again – two-way street, like so many things in life – not sure why that is such a hard thing to grasp. Always enjoy when you stop by!

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      1. thanks Sadie – and I wanted to share a quick local story – our new Governor (in VA) was just bragging about how he made the deal to allow a Chinese paper making facility to set up shop here. I guess it will bring about 3 thousand jobs. Now while that sounds cool – it is also stupid – because even though they will have to follow EPA standards for air pollutants – they will now be the owners of this business that depletes and pullets American soil directly – all while they pay 3,000 workers the low minimum wage. So the owners will make thousands or millions while this company runs here on our soil. Just does not sit right with me.

        and lastly, 🙂 – one thing our family does is we let our gut plead us. Good ol’ intuition – and there used to be this cheap Asian buffet place – with sushi and high end goodies and they are really really inexpensive – but the last time we ate there it felt too good to be true – and we just had a gut feeling to not eat there. Not sure – but so many parasites and cysts can be hidden in food and so if we are ever slightly concerned – we eat elsewhere. and sadly, parasite infections are minimized and completely overlooked in our country, when it is a very real and alive problem…
        have a great night Sadie 🙂


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, the bank interaction was the most surprising to me, too. Unfortunately, I understand all too well about the lack of jobs . . . for myself & so many others!! Thanks for reading & commenting!

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  6. Even here in Spain customers service is some guy or gal in our case based in South America, credit union was there and you must say it scared the shit out of you………had to laugh at that line. I say boycott! I´m with you here.

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    1. Charly – I’m getting to where I am boycotting, and planning future boycotting. May not make a difference to them, but it’ll make me feel better!! If we all did it, then, now then maybe we could make a difference!! 🙂 ☮


      1. haha, well if it makes you feel better then……

        You didn´t get my other comment by the way, I said,

        “go to sleep woman! Must be midnight over there, you´re a party animal, no wonder that in one of your comments you said you “knew” criminals I say more like you dated them, you´re a criminal of the night” something to this effect.

        I´ll join you in the boycott no problem


  7. We have a huge problem, Sadie, and not just with the outsourcing.

    I lost my newsroom job in January 2013 after 29 1/2 years with the same paper. As I’ve said too often since that day, 100 hard workers were told not to come back that day. Our industry has taken such a hit with technology, advertising, changed reading habits, all rolled into one.

    I sense you’re in a similar boat; too bad you were fed no copy to write after setting your fee low and getting introduced to others, the whole shebang. That’s pretty low in my book.

    I’ve been fortunate enough to hook on with two media sites in my city on a paid freelance blogging basis, a steady three posts a week, as well as posting every day on the blog I started here on WP after the layoff, but I’m still looking for that fulltime replacement as a writer somehow, someway here in Syracuse, N.Y.

    I hope you’re piecing things together yourself. Best wishes!

    I understand your boycott by the way. We have Time Warner, and customer service, local, has helped me several times. But they’re merging with Comcast, and now I fear that will go overseas. Damn.


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