Some FLUFF is always good

I don’t know about y’all, but I need a break from the news.

I love all kinds of music – though not head-banging or rap so much – rock and roll, blues, jazz, R&B, some pop, some country, and even a small amount of classical. Growing up in the 1970s , I was a huge Black Sabbath fan! My first real boyfriend turned me on to them – they were his FAV band, and his room was covered in their posters. As we listened together, I fell in love with the driving beats, and what I considered at the time as rebellious, independent, free-spirited, anti-establishment, beautiful, truthful lyrical compositions. BUT my favorite compositions were their instrumental pieces. They are just beautiful and soul-touching.

My very favorite of these instrumental pieces & one of my all time favorite songs is Fluff.

Then there’s Laguna Sunrise, a very peaceful, introspective piece.

Black Sabbath did a few other instrumental pieces, as well, but these were my favs.

Feeling nostalgic and working on feeling peaceful this evening . . .

Got some interesting stuff coming soon, a few new topics I have been probing around in – hope you’ll stick around and check it out!

Just something I was thinking about . . . ☮

11 thoughts on “Some FLUFF is always good

    1. Thanks Paul! I needed a break from the real world for awhile & music is always one of my great escapes. I was always surprised such a beautiful song like “Fluff” was on an album with such a disturbing cover LOL! I’m sure at the time it freaked my parents out, which I LOVED! 😉


    1. Good morning DSS! Sorry for the delayed response – I am so behind on my blog these days. On a good note, I have applied for 3 really good jobs, so hoping to get an interview with at least one. If not, I know they are blackballing me because of my age, because I am well-versed in what they are looking for – skills, experience & background.
      I was always surprised at Black Sabbath’s range 🙂 When I was in college, I took a music appreciation class & “Fluff” was the song I did my final paper on. So glad you enjoyed them!! I am listening to them again, as I reply to you 😉


      1. I’ll bet you are offered at least two of those jobs. They are going to choose who they think can handle the job, and experience rules.

        Ozzy Osbourne was devastated when Randy Rhoads died, it was such a strange accident and there was so little that Ozzy could do to help anyone in the crash.


  1. never heard either song Sadie, thanks – and just last night there was an Iron Maiden concert on TV as my husband was setting the DVR for a couple things – and we started talking about how he loved Iron Maiden as a kid – but still appreciates their genius – and then how Randy Rhoads died way too young – and then we noted Billy Sheehan form Buffalo and a Dio song – one of those trails – and then your post seems to be the same flavor…
    and (deep breathe) it was a nice break from all the ebola news – which is now on every news channel.

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    1. I hope you enjoyed the songs, Yvette! Yes, I was choking on Ebola news – just 3 days ago they had the strip center across the street from my neighborhood barricaded by police (and 2 news helicopters buzzing around for about an hour!), as a patient at the clinic was thought to have Ebola. Luckily, they didn’t. I apologize for the delayed response – been truly focusing on job hunting & getting ready for NaNoWriMo 🙂 Need to try & get caught up on my blog reading before Nov. 1! I recently watched a special on Ozzy Osbourne & it talked about how devastated he was when Randy Rhoads died. Terrible tragedy – but his brilliance will live on forever!! (Like SO MANY others! ❤ )

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      1. not sure if it is the same show – but we had one on the other day and noticed he had a third child – another daughter – hm – anyhow, best wishes with the novel. I might do it one year – but this year is so not good – but it sounds exciting – and whew – have fun!!!!


  2. Hello there! Long time no read you. Got to say that we are in the same page when it gets to music except I do make exceptions with rap when it gets to Eminem. Apart from that I´m pretty old school to tell you the truth. Forgot also, I also make an exception with this one over here

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    1. Hello Charly! Sorry for the delayed response – behind again . . .
      I had never heard this before – enjoyed the lyrics – “10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name!!!” Oh yeah 😉

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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