Hey Blog Buds!

Hello my Blog Buds!!

[I used that term in a comment to another blogger, a fav of mine Opinionated Man and decided to keep it 🙂 ]

I just wanted to thank you again for following me – reading, commenting, and engaging! I doubled my number of Blog Buds over the summer, something I never expected to happen. I’m glad you are enjoying my random rambling thoughts, as I have many! I read as many of you as I can when I can.


I mentioned I am participating in National Novel Writing Month. Yes, I am definitely a glutton for punishment!

This is not my first attempt at this, but I hoping this will be my first success. I am proud to say that as of the end of today, Day 3 (just finished up for the day), I am 6543 words in, though my friendly counter reminds me that I still have 43,457 to meet my challenge goal.

I voted early last Friday. Political races are nasty here, so I’ll be glad when it’s over, tired of hearing all the bullshit. Today is Election Day – I hope you go and exercise your right to vote. Though inherently we all want and need the same things, we will never all think the same, nor should we – BUT we should think ☮

7 thoughts on “Hey Blog Buds!

  1. Sadie!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!. This nano wrimo thing is weir. By the way the first lines was me yelling, so what´s up with this thing? I thought you wrote the novella in their web page, what´s the point of word count then? and more importantly can you publish your writing in that web?

    aaaaaaaaaaaa, 😉 I´m just happy today that´s the reason of my absurd comments. Although if you have the answers to those questions I would appreciate. Love ya !

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  2. Greatest of vibes sent out your way for the remaining 43,457 and also the –30– to tie it up, Blog Bud Sadie.

    I’m heading out to vote here in Syracuse. So glad the TV commercials will end. And my phone will stop ringing. You politicos who had your campaigns buy No-ID numbers for caller ID, by the way, minus points for non-transparency philosophy there. Just saying.

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  3. well glad to be a blog buddy 🙂
    and I know you likely can’t blog much this month – but please do keep us posted if you can…
    and I really love how you ended this post…
    “Though inherently we all want and need the same things, we will never all think the same, nor should we – BUT we should think…”

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  4. Happy to be your Blog Buddy!

    I voted with my 13 year old son. The campaigns were downright nasty here in the Albany, NY area.,,maybe that comes with living too close to a capital city…

    Regardless of stance on any issue, I dislike political advertising that begins by attacking “the other guy”. It seems to me that if someone wants to lead, they ought to be able to focus on what they believe in, and what they have to offer.

    I think most of us already know what we want in our leaders. Like you said, that doesn’t and shouldn’t look the same – diversity allows for lots of good ideas! – but I don’t think most people are looking to have their minds changed, but rather to know which candidates espouse their beliefs, and are most likely to effect the kind of change they’re looking for.

    What I feel from most of the advertising is a politician attempting to convince me that it’s ridiculous to vote for the “other guy”, and, if I have a brain in my head, I’d never be caught doing any such thing!

    Well, as it happens, I DO have a brain, I already know what I believe and what I value, and the kind of world I want to live in. I make my own life, as much as I can, a testament to that. I live with intent, and prefer that my government be made up of people who do the same.

    Thanks for giving me a platform to say that. Whew – I feel better! =)

    I love NaNo. Years of it have made 50K a lot less intimidating. Last year, I completed a novel draft, at over 123K words. I hope to do the same this year.

    However many words you write, though – I don’t think there are any losers in NaNo. Every word you write is yours to do with whatever you choose. And I’ve learned so much about myself along the way…

    If you;d like to be NaNo buddies, too, I am cthia, there.

    May NaNo delight you! =D

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