Made in ‘WHERE?”

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I was so excited today when I found these little plastic containers (like Ziplock storage containers) that have snowmen and Merry Christmas and other holiday stuff on them to use for putting cookies, candy, other baked goods in for the holidays. They weren’t on my shopping list, as I was only going for more apples on sale for the apple butter I am making and selling now.

They were only about $1.69 a package (three in one package, and five in the other), BUT what made me so excited about these cheap plastic products is that they were not only BPA-free but MADE IN AMERICA!!! Not made in China, like just about everything else we come in contact with. (Again, let me say, I have nothing against China, per say, I just think we need to be making our own products and putting Americans to work.)

I was going through my grandkids Halloween candy yesterday, and I had to throw away a bunch of candy bracelets and rings and stuff – all made in China. I will not indulge in any food products made there, or pet products either. Especially not for my grandkids – food stuff, not pet stuff. Quite frankly, I can’t help but wonder if China is trying to poison us and the rest of the world with their inferior products – but that’s a whole blog post on its own!

This led me to start thinking about, and not for the first time, where in the hell all of our drugs – name brand and generic are being made, since that is not information we are typically privy to as consumers – though maybe we should be. I know I would like to know where the drugs I may have to take are coming from, since I take that much care in selecting other consumable goods I buy.

Do any of you know where your medications are made? Do you think this is important?

Okay – off to NaNoWriMo land – need to get in an hour or so tonight. Didn’t get much done last night, had to catch up with a few of your blogs – I was blog-jonesin’ 😉 But I am still at it!!

Just something I was thinking about . . .

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19 thoughts on “Made in ‘WHERE?”

  1. Yes I worry about where products are made and what is in them that could be toxic. I have heard of some medications being made in China which has concerned me. I am not sure how one could find out. Go to a drug company’s website?

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    1. Hi Deborah! Thanks for the read, comment & follow 🙂 I’m not sure either, bit am planning to start researching this as soon as NaNoWriMo is over. That is exactly why I would love to be an investigative reporter . . . to get answers to these questions many of us want to know 🙂

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      1. Sometimes I am afraid of the answers. 🙂 Even our own corporations put all kinds of weird stuff in our food. I get a newsletter promoting Organic foods and they have many articles about all this alarming stuff. Gosh how are you able to blog and do the writing for a novel at the same time. My hat is off to you. Is there an emoticon showing someone taking off their hat? 🙂

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  2. Saddie isn´t those plastic things called taperweare or something….
    Anyways, if I had to worry about where my medication for my back, pancreas, stomach, and I´m probably leaving something out, but if i really knew where they have come from I might as well jump out of a roof. I do know this, they work for now. But in the long run what heals certain things is bad for other parts of the body. It´s just the way it works, what can you do about it? Nothing. So why think about it, you think too much……..that´s why I love reading you.
    Hold on I just learned to do this…….. ❤ (I think it should come a heart on the other end in your comment section.

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    1. Hi Charly! Yes, some of the best plastic containers are made by Tupperware. I just emailed them to find out where they are manufacturing their products now, as I am curious. I haven’t bought any Tupperware in years, but have quite a bit I bought a few decades ago. I even have a few pieces from my grandmas – pretty sure those pieces were made in the USA. YES. I do think too much . . . genetic defect maybe LOL 😉

      And I got your ❤ – right back at ya Mr. Priest!! :


  3. You are a deep thinker, leaping from festive holiday apple butter dishes to where they make our medication. Dig that, Sadie. Keep that brain buzzing about for us all. I just assumed my medications were made here. That’s kind of naive of me, to day the least. Now I have to dig, too.

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    1. Yes, Mark, I have to admit the way my mind works and the places it goes and the things it ponders amazes even me, at times LOL!!! Deep thinker – oh definitely, though sometimes feels like a curse!! 😉


  4. There’s a home improvement chain here that advertises entire lines of “Made in the USA” products. It would be wonderful to have manufacturing back. OUS outsourcing has long been a huge stick in my craw.

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    1. Yes, mine, too WS. I know maybe we can’t make everything here, but we can make many things here & we can do customer service jobs here, too! If this country doesn’t change the way it does business soon – we are going to have a catastrophe on our hands in the coming years . . .

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  5. Hi Sadie – and well I agree with your caution to watch the products from China – and my husband stopped going to this local restaurant because we really sensed something suspicious there- and we are not super paranoid – but recently we have learned a lot about parasites and well – I digress – but we really are way too trusting – and I look forward to your research on the meds – even though I have strong opinions about how the goals of modern medicine is to have everyone on some type of medication – and actually have certain folks that said this 50 years ago – and the sad thing is that most drugs are palliative in nature and rarely get to the root cause – and I believe that when most people need a good internal cleansing – well they have symptoms of illness that only get temporarily treated – with expensive drugs that are making the pharma companies billions – and they never get tot he root cause. and people do not want to cut back on certain foods (like sugar which does nothing but deplete immunity) – or they do not want to exercise – but they suck down pills because a doctor suggested it… and well, I will stop talking about this topic now… 🙂
    but you said that right – we need change… 🙂

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