Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving – if you celebrate it! I spent mine with my family and we ate until we hurt 😉 Yes, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

I doubt seriously that I am going to “win” NaNoWriMo by completing my 50, 000 words, but I managed to get a little over 25,000 words and I am continuing to work it as much as possible through the weekend, but regardless I will keep working on it after, as well. I have made great progress this month – more than I ever have before. I have other pieces to the story that I had written previously that can be incorporated and woven into the overall story – so certainly not a wasted effort by any means! I have gotten some good feedback in various places – and would look forward to more should you decide to peruse a few tidbits I shared and provide comments.

I have so been missing reading your blogs and plan to catch up with everyone next week!!

I also have quite a few topics on my list of future posts that I want to start knocking out 🙂

Thought I might share this song with you – it’s another one of my favs! May we all have someone like this in our lives, be it spouses, lovers, friends, family, kids, grandkids 🙂

Just something I was thinking about, as I’m reflecting on my many blessings today  ❤

[This song came on as I’m listening to my iTunes writing my novel – so of course I wanted to share & got distracted LOL!! Hope you enjoy it!]

nanoPoblano               NaBloPoMo_1114_465x287_NOV

11 thoughts on “Thank You & Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Hi Sadie! great t see you posting. I’m glad that you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like you’ve gotten a good chunk of your book done already – Yay!

    if you’re interested I recently did a guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom – . if you have the time, I would be honored if you drop by for a read.

    Have a great weekend! Stay safe on Black Friday.

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    1. Thanks Paul!! I was wondering if you had posted sonewhere again – definitely reading it today!! Doubt I’ll be hitting any Black Friday sales – for the most part quit doing that years ago – way too much craziness for me – Cyber Monday is more my style 😉 you have a great weekend yourself!! ; -)


  2. Happy day-after Thanksgiving, Sadie. I had quite a good family day, too. Your novel progress is heartening. I’ve told you how I feel, and will continue to do so, if you wish! ❤ to you as we head down the stretch to December.

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    1. Thanks WS – hope your was great! Looking forward to catching up with you 🙂 A little under the weather right now, and can tell a little fever is setting in because of how my eyes feel – so may not be reading much today, but am determined to catch up with my WP family, even if it takes me a bit!


  3. The real question is how do you manage to do everything that goes with the holidays of Thanksgiving and then write like an animal…… by the way hope you enjoyed that big big hopefully very big and stuffed turkey.

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    1. Hey Charly! That’s my problem, lately I haven’t been “doing it all” very well LOL! Working it though, always working it 😉 Since mine and my sister’s kids are grown, they took on a lot of the cooking this year – I just had to make the dressing (the kids wanted to fry the turkey & it was GOOD!) and the always requested homemade pumpkin swirl cheesecake. I don’t really care for it (the pumpkin part – love cheesecake!), but they all love it & it always gets made 🙂


  4. well I am reading some back posts too 🙂 – and glad I made it to this one – this Dido song is special to me because it reminds me of a girl named Blair – well I also love the song – but when it was at the top of the charts, Blair used to come over a couple weekends a month and she used to sing it for a while – it reminded me of her – and her single dad – who was a singer in one of my husband’s band.

    well hope your december is going well so far – 🙂

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