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So I keep seeing this picture on Facebook, and I’m not sure where exactly it came from or how “authentic” it is. But the first time I saw it, I just had one thought . . .

No mother should have to fear for any of their loved ones lives because someone else’s son robs a store, regardless of race. 

Anyway, just something I was thinking about . . .

[Written for Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday, though it’s neither funny or inspirational per say, so I didn’t exactly follow the rules this time.]

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12 thoughts on “No Mother – One-Liner Wednesday

  1. I feel like it’s deeper than it seems…

    i also feel that, if the priority were on seeing that ALL children were raised happy and secure, that there would be less hatred and violence.

    My secure and happy kids aren’t interested in robbing anyone, and they don’t value people based on the color of the skin they’re wrapped in, or the ideology they follow..

    Many kids grow up knowing that their lives are in danger, that they are powerless, that the bigger and stronger can do horrific things to the smaller and weaker…

    Change that, and we might just change the world…

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    1. Thanks Doobs for checking it out. I typically do, but for many unrelated reasons, I didn’t – which is why I gave my disclaimer. My point was a one-liner saying no mother should have to worry about their loved ones being robbed (though in hindsight would’ve changed the word son to child). I hope no one thought I was stirring the racial pot, as that was not my intent This is why I typically surround myself with such thoughtful intelligent souls 🙂


  2. Hello Sadie, I do have to point out that the guy holding the sign, it does read “that no mother should have to fear for her sons life EVERY TIME HE ROBS A STORE” so this is great, no problem son, go rob stores all day long, be a criminal, no worries…..

    I have one thought then, where is the parenting responsability here and second and most important where is the self responsibility of the person who robs stores and think it´s the safest thing in the world and that is right? What about the store owner, a decent person who earns a living the right way and that is scared that the son of somebody will rob him or her, the trauma that is for a 6 foot something guy to intimidate that store owner. It could be a cop who shots him, it can be a store owner, or one of his friends because in that world there are no friends.

    And even if the photo is altered, come on, that guy was a petty criminal, ofcourse nobody should die for it, but think about it, if a guy that big and the cop knows he can be beaten and maybe disarmed and that gun used against him…..I have been in difficult situations and I´m would never take risks. And when the adrenaline is pumping is not like you take one shot and say “you o.k?” Plus anybody who has handle a weapon if you are in extreme quarters you fire away until you see that body falling and that is matter of less than a second. Firing 9 bullets at most a second and if adrenaline is going while a scuffle was on, trust me, I bet the officer didn´t even realise he had discharged his weapon 9 times. And what if the guy keeps coming after you, I´ve seen people shot by rifles bullets and still keep going and fighting, no way I´m taking chances. The “kid” screwed up big time by going after the cop, does he disserve to die? Absolutely not, but he put himself in that confrontation and the consequences are a tragedy.

    So my sign would say “Mothers be aware in what direction is your son going because bad things will happen if he does bad things”

    What a rant that was…. I´m wearing my pink pyjamas while writing, kind of freaky by the way.

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    1. Pink PJs – now that’s a picture! Yes, this whole Ferguson thing is so sad and should have never happened. I see there’s another incident in New York – I have my own thoughts about what I saw on that video. Main thing is like my husband says – you don’t argue with the cops, when they tell you to do something, you do it. – period. And I agree about the adrenaline rush that happens under certain circumstances. And parenting is part of the problem, as well as lack of good education at times, and lack of opportunity. Having said that, I have not been able to find a job for over 16 months and though I do blame the “system” to some degree for edging us older workers out of playing field, I’m not out robbing people. Instead, I’m trying to find away around it, over it under it, beside it, improvising to try and figure out a different way (legally, of course) that certainly wouldn’t hurt anyone else.
      BTW – Ends up, that photo was doctored . . .

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      1. I too blame the “system” which is made of people called politicians that has left my country with 27% unemployment and that is the official figure the unofficial would be in the mid 30, and I don´t go robbing or selling dope and believe me that where I live it´s in plain sight. So it´s all about choices and your husband is right if the police tell you to stop, you stop and if you don´t have anything to hide they will leave you alone. It´s a pain in the ass that they stop you just for being in that part of the town, but they too have stopped me here for being in bad parts of town( since the whole freaking town is bad), they have searched me, run my ID, saw I had no previous things and let me loose while I thanked them. And what I really wanted to tell them was to leave me the F off since I´m not doing anything and I´m not a criminal, but if I had said that my guess is that confrontation would ensue and bad things are going to happen.

        And I´m sure you´ll find a job. I know that it´s a pain in the ass for “older workers”you said? You´re a hottie what are you talking about, it´s pain in the butt but we all have to adapt. Right now here in Spain it is the norm and not the exception for 30,40 year old be living again with their parents. Because they lost their job, can´t rent an apartment, pay the mortgage, the tragic of the situation is a long list. But again we adapt, and we overcome. Sitting in bed and cry, won´t get us anyplace that´s for sure. The other way at least you have a fighting chance.

        About this new video with the NYPD, and the so called choke hold, I can go on forever. But that is not a choke hold, that is just a hold to take a person down. A choke hold would be if the guy would keep on and keep on strangling, plus did you see the other guy which was 6 feet something selling cigarettes by the way in front of a store that sells cigarettes ligally and that is why the police ended over there because the owner of the store called them after repeatedly telling this man to stop selling cigarettes on the street(ilegal by the way) since it was driving his customers out. And with the statue of that big guy and him being confrontational I´m not about to ask the guy politely, you do it quick and take him down and cuff him. Again a tragedy, but this case in one in a million that this guy had diabetes and he proably wouldn´t had that if he ealt healthier and took care of himself. You don´t have to be rich to eat healthy. I just really don´t feel very sorry for any of this guys. Everybody has a family and kids they have to feed and just a very small percentage does it in the illegal way. Even if broke, most people have some sense of dignity and do the right thing for the most part.

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  3. Hi Sadie, well even if it is photoshopped, I think the sign does represent the entitled mentality of some folks these days…. and I like the response line you added…

    and in a different note, here is a comic from this summer (a little grainy) but kinda fits in…



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