Wonderwall – Just Jot It January

I know I haven’t written in a while. Flu bug has hit my kid and grandkids. Their fevers have kept me busy, and I’ve definitely been front-line exposed, but I’m hoping I don’t get their nasty little germs. Really trying to focus on this job situation and how to bring in some money, as well.

I’m working on the novel tonight, for the first time in weeks and I typically listen to music when I am writing. Sometimes I’ll just listen to the windchimes and the wind if it’s really kicking, but often it’s iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, online streaming stations, or CDs, depending on my mood. Tonight, I’m partaking in Pandora’s 90s Alternative Radio channel, which is one of my favorite channels on Pandora. (Look it up if you like that kind of music, you might enjoy it, as well.)

The song “Wonderwall” by Oasis was playing and as I am singing and typing, I notice the year the song came out – 1994. It was a bit sobering to realize that song is now over 20 years old . . . damn . . . {!!!laughing!!!}  😉 I had just started college full time. Though those were some lean poor years, they were some good years with some great memories ❤

Just something I was thinking about  . . .

Written in response to Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January Prompt 🙂


7 thoughts on “Wonderwall – Just Jot It January

  1. oh thanks for this song – I remember the year super well. I worked at a small little restaurant that was only opened from 7 to 4 (very quaint and good moola for also being in college – finishing up and grinding it as you note- ) – anyhow, this song played in the back and I can picture colleagues singing it – one girl in particular – anyhow, good jam and it brought me back.
    happy writing and hope everyone gets better soon…


  2. Fight off the flu, fight on for a job, fight to the finish on the novel. Hello, Sadie, good to see you in a fighting mood. Yeah, how could ’94 be 21 years ago? I consider Oasis a new band. Ha! Happy New Year, my friend.


  3. I spent over a week on the sick list in January — ugh, blech, yuck! I hate being sick. I’m catching up with blogs and stuff now.

    Regarding music, how do you think I feel? I went to college in the 1970s, and all the tunes that bring back college memories (lot of Fleetwood Mac) are really, really, really old (and so are the musicians).

    On the other hand, so am I! 😮


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