February Already?!?


I want to thank Yvette over at Priorhouse Blog for the awesome billboard image she made just for me ❤

I can’t believe it is already February! February, really . . .

Each year that I celebrate another revolution around the sun, it seems that my revolutions get faster. And though I feel a bit like my ass is on the front-end of a rocket, I also feel as though I am on a slow free drift out in the middle of the ocean – no land to be seen, anywhere.

I can’t remember the last time I actually wore a watch – well yes, I can, it was 19 months ago. Often I have no idea where my day goes – it’s just gone. I wake up and then before I know it, it’s way past normal peoples’ bedtime.

Though I spend a large amount of time searching for a job, and working on other ways to make a living, I also spend a lot of time doing mindless/relaxing/time-suck activities – but they are activities I enjoy that when I worked I did not have time for.

Here’s a good for instance – I had planned to re-work my resume today, which may or may not need to be done. Instead I have spent a good part of the day catching up on a few of my fav blogs, though there are many more I want to get to!! [Okay by the time I finished this post, I did get my resume re-worked 🙂 ]

I have get to make three batches of apple butter this week, and blueberry jam, since blueberries are on sale at the grocery store and I have had many requests for that one. For some reason though, I am feeling quite lazy today . . . though I like a little winter, I have had enough. I feel for all y’all getting the brunt of this winter, mine is mild compared to yours.

I have started working on my posts about our food supply and how fucked up it is. Those are forthcoming. I keep writing myself into a corner in my novel – not sure what’s up with that! My blogs are all being neglected (yeah, I laughed out loud at that one!).

There’s a couple of very interesting jobs I have applied for in the last couple of weeks. I am so hoping to get an interview for at least one. Any extra prayers, good thoughts, finger-crosses, rabbit’s foot rubs, whatever I can get – I’ll take them!!

Loved the fight at the end of the Super Bowl game – what a shining example that was for the youth of our country 😉 (Yes, that was meant to be snarky!)

They keep saying unemployment is going down, but I know more and more people who are unemployed than I have ever known before, and sadly many are in the 50+ age group. Most of us aren’t being counted on the unemployment rolls anymore. I do live in an area where there have been many different industries laying off employees, and are continuing to do so.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I bought each of my granddaughters a giant card. I was thrilled that they were $3 a piece and were Made In America 🙂 (which honestly is the only reason I bought them) AND I found them at Walmart of all places.

I also want to send a shout out and thank you to Doobster at Mindful Digressions for the honor of his nomination for the Premio Dardos award. According to Doobs, “Premio Dardos means “Prize Darts” in Spanish. It is an award given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.” I haven’t named my 15 bloggers yet, as I have decided to add that widget of the blogs I follow  – I like that idea because in my opinion they are all worth reading!!


Just a few random things I was thinking about today . . .

35 thoughts on “February Already?!?

    1. Thanks DSS – it’s all Yvette’s talent 🙂 I thought it was totally cool, too ❤ Everyone seems to love the jam and apple butter – go figure . . . I am really wondering where this could possibly lead, and so have others close to me. Probably just all talk – you know . . . think, talk, plan, laugh, forget about – we'll see just what shakes out – made $400 last week though & more orders to fill. AND you are crackin' me up – it's just an avatar, though I swear, I think I blush a little every time I read this . . . LMAO!! 😉


    1. Thanks ladysighs! Yesterday was spent making more apple butter, but today the sun was shining & it got up to 82, so I worked in the yard and I have to admit, just laid in the sun for almost an hour in my bathing suit – I am laughing as I write this, knowing how lucky I was today, especially with some of the other parts of the country getting hammered with cold, especially the Boston area! BUT I needed it!! Having said that, haven’t worked in the yard in awhile – paying for it just a little now down in the back 😉 Thanks for stopping by!!
      (Yvette does awesome work, huh!!)


  1. Whew, you’ve really got that intersection under control Sadie. Ain’t nobody gonna run a light or cut anyone off with that stern visage watching their every move. Well done!

    Sounds like you’ve had an interestng day Sadie. It’s amazing isn’t it how the days disappear even when you don’t have a job? I sometimes wonder how I managed to do it and work full time too. I guess I didn’t do all the other stuff, just worked. Of course, in my case, my disability makes every task take much longer, so there’s that.

    Well, I wish you luck in your job hunt. let us know how you make out. Have a great day! (P.S. It is currently -24 with a wind chill of below -30 as I write this. Environment Canada has issues a cold weather warning and school buses are all cancelled. maybe that will make you feel better, 🙂 )

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    1. LMAO – YES, Paul, I do have that intersection under control, don’t I!! 🙂 I certainly hope your days get a little easier in the future . . . I keep you in my prayers ❤
      I HOPE you are staying warm, OMGoodness, I can't even imagine such cold!!!!!!! I wouldn't be able to function – mentally or physically! It was 82 degrees here today, & I enjoyed every bit of it!! Where are you writing now – last time I checked Cordelia's Mom (been a few days back), I didn't see anything new and I didn't find but one of the coffee talks – is there more? Hope this finds you well, my friend, & you are not frozen like a Popsicle!!


    1. Thanks fayelucinda! Everyone who eats it seems to like it. It’s kind of golden colored, not dark brown like most I see. Not one of my favs, probably why it’s safe to make so much LOL 🙂 Glad you stopped by!

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  2. Very well written! I dig the picture, you look great on the “big board”. I agree with you that the older we get, the faster the World turns. To me, one of the biggest drawbacks of getting older. The more we wise up and enjoy life, the quicker it goes. Go luck on the job hunt. Remember, not only do you “jam”, you can also MAKE jam. 😊

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  3. Great poster Yvette made for you, Sadie. I do wish you good luck finding a job. It’s a tough thing for us “older folk” these days. But if you keep at it, something will come through for you. As to wearing a watch, I wish I didn’t have to, but, alas, I do have a job and I do have to keep track of the time of day for things like conference calls and Web calls. I’m pretty sure, once I retire, I will probably retire the watch.

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    1. Hey Doobs, thanks for the well wishes!! Yes, Yvette did an awesome job!! I noted about not wearing a watch, because being “job-free”, I don’t need one, and as a result I NEVER know what time it is, sometimes unsure of the day, and especially the date, if I don’t make a conscious effort to look at the calendar – which I do to make sure I don’t miss my favorite tv shows on at night LOL!!! But, I think that is helping the time fly by even faster – by not being cognizant of it 🙂

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  4. Unemployment is down primarily due to the number of unemployed removed from the count because they are no longer looking for work. Many have replaced the job search with disability claims and other entries into the entitlement population. That you are still looking is a testimony to your character and stamina.

    Homemade jams and jellies, I wonder what, if any, are the legal hoops to be jumped for selling such online? That might be an interesting sideline. After all, Old Mother Smuckers had to start somewhere.

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    1. Sorry, I don’t buy that assumption. They haven’t changed how they compute unemployment for the last 30 years. Calling it an entitlement population tells me exactly were you are at and it’s frankly a ridiculous statement. People are struggling out there looking for gainful employment at higher than minimum wage and you are promoting the falsehood that they are out of work drawing earned unemployment because they are worthless or at a lower class than you. We understand your dog whistle phrase “entitIement”. I don’t know you sir, but after hearing a statement like that I believe you are an idiot!
      (Sorry Sadie for my sounding off on you wonderful post but I am fed up with these characters that don’t have a clue putting down the downtrodden)

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    2. Hi rixlibris! Regarding unemployment, I have to disagree on that one – WE ARE looking for work, and some of us have been for quite sometime – something that is shocking to us as well. Even more shocking is that we aren’t being counted, acknowledged, as looking because we are not collecting unemployment benefits. I also know a few who have filed for disability, and even a few who for the first time in their lives are on food stamps because they have run out of savings. One of my ex-coworkers was deemed indigent because she needed health care & with no money had to go to the county – she was so depressed to be considered indigent she couldn’t get out of bed for a few days. Even as indigents in the health care system and food stamp recipients, this age group are all looking for jobs, and sometimes even getting interviews – but once they see the “wisdom” in our faces, that’s the last we hear from the prospective employer. I know – my husband had 9 interviews with plants last year – got through their recruiters, online assessments, panel phone interviews, craftsman testing, and then when he’d get face-to-face with the people hiring, he never made the cut. I’m sorry, but nobody gets that many interviews if they aren’t quite qualified. He obviously makes a good impression, or he wouldn’t have gotten that far either – but then they see him, and he looks a few years older than he is due to working outside all his life (and fishing!). AND in his field of work, all I&E techs make approximately the same at the plants – so it isn’t even about salary for him. It’s strictly age and insurance AND its just wrong to shut out a whole segment of the population under that reasoning. We have another 10-15 yrs to go & need that money so giving up isn’t an option and welfare wouldn’t be enough to pay our bills, so we will continue to look for work, and so are many many others like us. Just my opinion, and my experience 🙂

      I will agree with you though on the testament to my character and stamina!! I have a great amount, and I aint dead yet!!

      As far as Old Mother Smuckers – right!! In my mind the jams are a novelty, and I am absolutely amazed that people want to buy them. The apple butter, on the other hand, I will admit, is special – and you won’t likely find any of its ilk 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting, and I hope you continue to do so.


    1. Thanks WS!! I applied for another one today – where I know someone who might have a little influence over the hiring decisions, but is so not where I want to be. BUT hopeful, anyway!! We need the $$ and the bennys 😉 When I work, I MUST wear a watch, feel naked without it . . . for some strange reason LOL!

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  5. With cell phones, we don’t need no stinkin’ watches, Sadie. 🙂

    I agree. Working my regularly scheduled freelance writing assignments for the other blog sites and magazine, tracking and applying for attractive full-time job openings, writing for my blog and keeping up with my WP blogger peers makes my days fly past much faster than those decades I had the full-time career gig. I have my fingers crossed for you and your search, my friend. Our generation of laid-off-ees has to stick together.

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    1. Hey Mark!! YES, we must stick together!! And I am struggling lately to keep up with it all, it seems . . .

      I still refuse to be a slave to my cell phone, though I do pay more attention to it than I used to & use it for keeping up with appts, memos, lists, & other things. Just hate having it in my hand all the time, and don’t want it in my back pocket.

      Hope you are staying warm!!


      1. I keep the cell in my front left pocket and use it for dear wife-and-daughter texts, freelance-signifcant emails, my trusted camera and, of much importance … a watch! 🙂 Once in a while, even a phone.

        It’s been too tough keeping warm this last week. Much snow and deep cold. This weekend, going down to zero. Ugh.

        Hang in there, my friend Sadie.

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  6. O my,Yvette did that….well tell her( are you listening Yvette!) to show you the little video she made of me. You´ll probably laugh your head off.

    So now your a diva! I can be eating my one foot loooong subway sandwich staring at you in the middle of New York city.

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