Miss you, John

In honor of one of my all time favorite philosophers . . . among other things. I loved John Lennon, and October 9 is his birthday. He would’ve been 75 years of age, had his life not been snuffed out prematurely.

Though I have way too many songs of his that I LOVE, here are two of my favorites. I can only imagine what he’d sing about now . . .

Gone, but not forgotten – missing you John ❤

Just something I was thinking about . . .

7 thoughts on “Miss you, John

  1. Mind Games: Just brilliant, and very strong echoes of George Harrison with the rising three-note motif – just imagine G.H.s slide guitar playing that and you’ll see what I mean. Lennon actually began writing Mind Games when The Beatles were together four years previously, though he then called it “Make Love, Not War”. Great stuff Sadie!


  2. I hear his songs and then wonder, how many more beautiful sounds he could have made if he was still alive. Paul and George went on and produced many great hits since and before Georges death. But John’s live was cut so short.

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