Conversations Today (JJIJ)

I am going to work hard to start posting more regularly and getting involved in writing events again. This last year, wasn’t really feeling it – though the year passed so quickly not sure I felt anything!

I also want to try and keep up with all your posts, as well. I have missed those! I spent almost all day yesterday catching up with a few. I really enjoyed that!


Mystery Marinade

While cooking dinner, my husband came up and saw several empty bottles on the counter.

Husband:  What’s that? Is our marinade a mixture of stuff?

Me:  Yep 🙂

Husband:  OH, that ought to be good [a little sarcastically, with a twinkle in his eye]

Me:  Be glad we have stuff to mix! And something to put in that mystery marinade!  [laughing]

BTW – the chicken turned out great, mystery marinade and all LOL!

We wanted to Facetime with the grandkids today, so I called my daughter this morning to tell her. As often happens, it went to voicemail. I knew she was home, as we both share our locations with each other on the Find-A-Friend app. I left her a message. Yeah, she never called back. I’m sure she was busy today, but still.

About 6:30 tonight, I called her again, hoping she would answer and the kids would be able to get their mini iPad and spend a little time with us. Yep, you guessed it, voicemail, again. Again I left her a message.

Me:  Well I’m at the hospital, but it was just a minor little heart attack, nothing to worry about. Just call at your earliest convenience . . .  [by this time I was laughing, as I finished the message]

 Of course, I called from the home phone, so pretty sure she knew I was kidding . . . 😉

Yeah, feeling my Wheaties a little, today 😉

Just something I was thinking about . . .


6 thoughts on “Conversations Today (JJIJ)

    1. Hi Hariod! A ‘wheaty’ is a cereal flake made of wheat. IMHO – not very tasty. For decades, Wheaties were known as the breakfast of champions here in the states (YES, an advertising slogan!). It was a coup for athletes to be pictured on the cereal box. So a colloquialism used here is if we are feeling really productive, energetic or ornery – at the top of our game – then we are feeling our Wheaties 🙂

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  1. I too have made mystery marinade’s – when all of my kids grew up and moved out on their own they’d call or text and ask – how did I make all those yummy sauces for meatballs, dips etc. – I’ve never been one to follow a recipe – just a little this and that – a can of whatever and the left over dregs in the bottom of BBQ sauces and salad dressings.

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