My Shit’s F*ed Up

So today, one of the happiest things that happened to me was I got some cigarette coupons in the mail . . . what does that tell you . . .

My shit’s fucked up!! {Laughing just a little at that one . . .}

I’m still watching the political debates, town halls and caucuses. Heard Donald Trump’s Nevada caucus victory speech last night. Between his, “We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated,” and all his, “Winning, winning, winning . . .” I wanted to bang my head against the wall and vomit. Really . . . every time he talks about winning, I see Charlie Sheen and his bat-shit crazy public unraveling. And the American people are falling for it, even the highly educated – tripping over themselves to jump on his bandwagon.

And this fight over the newly vacated Supreme Court Justice seat not hours after Judge Scalia passed away is ridiculous. The Republicans keep dragging their heels deep, and the deeper they drag, the higher Trump goes in the polls.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are still running a close race, for now. I keep trying to get me a Bernie t-shirt to wear and freak out all my family (and many of my friends!), but they haven’t hadย the ones I want in my size the last few times I checked his site.

In honor of Linda Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday ย . . . our shit’s fucked up, people!!!


Just something I was thinking about ย . . .

23 thoughts on “My Shit’s F*ed Up

  1. So, how do you really feel about it? Remember Reverend White? “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”? Or better yet, do you remember Emperor Nero? “Panem et Circensus.” Bread and circuses. We’ve pandered to full time fun and games for decades while politicians, all parties, have stolen us blind. For the first time in many generations the middle class has slipped to below fifty percent of the population and it isn’t because we’ve all become suddenly wealthy. Like it or not, The Donald is just the logical extension of the country’s slide toward the bottom. When we start getting foreign aid from Castro maybe we’ll wake up.

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    1. Rixlibris – so sorry I am just now responding. I sometimes read comments on my phone & like them, but I prefer to respond via my laptop, as I can see it better and I am quicker to type ๐Ÿ™‚ Just got to remember to get back to them!
      Love your comment, though sometimes I think we will be speaking Chinese before we have an opportunity to ask to Castro for any aid . . .


  2. Sadie! How’s it been hangin’? You should be careful about listening to too much politics – you could hurt yourself, pull a brain muscle or do physical damage. Great to see you again.

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    1. OMG Paul!! So glad you are back! I have missed you & have been worried about you …
      How are you, my friend? Where are you writing now? I’m still looking for work, and have been making marmalades lately – a 1st for me ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ˜Š
      Seriously, so happy when I saw your name pop up ๐Ÿ˜˜


      1. Hey Sadie! i’ve been off line for about 3 1/2 months – long story. I just posted it in two parts over at Cordelia’s Mom The second part is on the next day.

        You are making marmalades?Hmmm, sounds tasty. I hope you find some work soon. I know it’s not easy. Otherwise, how have you been Sadie? i really missed my WP friends and am so glad to be back.

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        1. OMGosh – just realized I never replied . . . I’m doing ok, Paul. Been a bit frustrated & out of sorts lately for sure, but dealin’. Just found out today, a job I interviewed for a couple weeks ago, hired one of my friends, who is 10 yrs. younger than me. BUT I am still looking! So glad to see you are back & I’m going to read your posts today. YOU were missed, my friend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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          1. It is heart warming how much the wonderful bloggers at Word Press care. There was a lot of talk about my absence and then they organized a search party to come and find me, Ha! I was surprised to say the least. I don’t know if you believe there is a bigger picture Sadie, but what happened next was surreal. I have a friend who was looking for a roommate to live in Vancouver.My Mom lives there and I’ve always wanted to live there. My friend’s relative, who owns the property my friend wanted to rent, checked on the internet to see what, if anything was written there about me. He saw the posts about my being missing and the concern of you bloggers and he told my friend that anyone who had that many people worried about him must be a good guy and I got the opportunity to move to Vancouver. Amazing.

            Anyway, keep the faith Sadie. The road to heaven leads through hell. ๐Ÿ˜€

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              1. That’s how I heard you were found – through Linda & Mark. I had been a bit MIA myself for a while, but was so happy when they found you!! Have you been able to get an updated computer yet?


              2. Robyn of Blog Woman!! was updating her laptop and she gave me her old one – which turned out to be an amazing computer with a quad processor and 900 Gig of memory. Absolutely awesome. Robyn is very special. As are all of you guys.

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            1. That is amazing, Paul! I do believe there is a bigger picture, I am just getting so impatient. I have always been one to make things happen, and lately I just feel like I have lost my touch. I AM keeping the faith, though ๐Ÿ™‚
              I am so happy that you are now close to your Mom and living in a place you wanted to live! Good things happening – makes my heart feel good!!

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    1. It was an insult, and unfortunately some people are too stupid to know better, SMH . . . go figure!
      Thanks Linda – I am trying to be more engaged, as I miss my blog time – reading & writing. I speak of y’all as if I have met each & every one of you – my family/friends find it amusing. Just been truly uninspired & unmotivated lately for some reason.


      1. I feel that way too! I think I’m up to having met six people from WP in person. And each of them were just as lovely as they are online.
        It’s a tough time of year – I’m struggling some days too with not seeing the point in anything. But we’ve got to keep pushing ourselves. It’s the way back to normalcy, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Here’s one for you. I’m not hoping for this, but woke up this morning thinking that Trump could win it all because the voters are in a foul mood and want to give a different kind of guy a chance and like his vibe (and I don’t think they’re sold on either Hillary or Bernie). But they also know he’s not perfect, and then hedge things and give the Senate back to the Dems, and maybe cut the dominance of the GOP in the House. Both houses are really unpopular, and the obstructionism and general douchebaggery there has worn out its welcome. Checks and balances and the wisdom of crowds???. That’s not going to fix everything, but it just seems to fit the mood and awareness that our sh*t’s all f*cked up, and it’s time to quit doing the old things thinking that they’ll work this time.

    Now. More coffee.

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    1. Shit, I think I need a drink ๐Ÿ˜‰
      People are in a foul mood, for sure – I can understand that, so am I! And your thought is an interesting one – I could see that happening . . .
      Have a great day, HemmingPlay!


      1. Hey Sadie, no worries about the late response….I don’t keep score, it’s just nice to see you again and I wasn’t familiar with that song, he has a whole trove of albums I’ve never heard cover to cover, I think I need to revisit him this week too. I’ll stop in today and visit, it’s been too long….happy Momday, sending peace and love,

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