53 – 47, 53 – 47, 53 – 47 🙈

So I guess we will have a sham of a trial with NO EVIDENCE & NO WITNESSES (as it currently stands) . . . 3 votes on amendments so far. (Yes talking about the impeachment.)

I can only hope if for some reason I am ever on trial, these “justice seekers who swore an oath to this country, its people, and God, to be impartial” (& who will do as their leader bids) control my trial . . . Oh but wait that would never happen, as I am not a dictating monarch. I am the everyday American – you know just your average person . . . probably JUST LIKE YOU. I am not rich, nor do I have people in my back-pocket & kissing my ass. Nor would I want or choose to be like that. I was raised better & I have a conscience!

If you are so sure your leader is innocent, then look at all the evidence – but no, the Republican Party would rather turn a blind eye for partisanship – shameful & disgraceful 🤥

Just something I was thinking about, as I watch this shitshow . . .

(Yes, Sadie has been watching & paying attention 🤨😡🤢)

7 thoughts on “53 – 47, 53 – 47, 53 – 47 🙈

  1. It is as depressing, as depressing can be. It’s not that these people are winning that is the biggest problem, it is that we all lose with them. It is a zero sum game. No one wins. Except the few game masters, the ones who make money, money, money and more money. Just like monopoly. But the games masters never look past the game. All the money in the world won’t won’t help them win their game. They will die. Rich. With relatives waiting like sharks. They will realize, too late, they are the ultimate losers.

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        1. Aaahh you remembered Mark! I haven’t worked on that in a while either… The summer before we flooded in Harvey, I finally figured out how I was going to change the beginning and how I was going to finish it because I only thought the middle parts were good, but then after the flood I just haven’t even paid it much mind. But I still have it and I am planning to finish it at some point. Once I get some of the beginning rewritten and get some sort of an ending, I’ll send it to you. You read some of the middle parts on my other romance blog – Windchimes & Dreamcatchers. Thank you so much for remembering and offering to still do that – your opinion as a fellow writer and editor is very important to me!


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