Random Ramblings . . .

My random opinions for your consideration: 

[These are my quotes, and I have been using them for years. Those that know me well will recognize them – sometimes smiling, sometimes cringing LOL 😉 ]

The best thing and the right thing are NOT always the same thing. (This is when moral and ethical dilemmas occur . . . )

People think death is the worst thing that can happen to you, but in reality there are many things in life worse than death. (Think about it, I have . . .  and I’ve seen it.)

When something bad, wrong, unplanned or unpleasant happens, I try to remember if no one is scarred for life, no one is terminally ill and no one has died, as a result – then it can’t be all that bad. (The three things I mentioned can be devastating!)

If it was easy, where would the fucking fun in that be?!? (Sometimes I leave the F* word out depending on my audience, though I have said this is the quote I want on my headstone, with the F* word 😉 )

Just something I was thinking about . . .

8 thoughts on “Random Ramblings . . .

    1. Thanks Jenni – I appreciate your kind words & glad you enjoy my ramblings! When I was a manager, I used the last 2 frequently (without the F* word of course!) & my team grew to appreciate them – especially the third one, ’cause after I said that, I’d finish it with let’s fix it, learn from it & move on & we did. The 4th one I say almost daily it seems LOL . . .
      Thanks for reading & commenting 🙂


  1. “The best thing and the right thing are NOT always the same thing. (This is when moral and ethical dilemmas occur . . .”

    I am going into my Christopher Hitchens archives to explore this.
    😉 😉


    1. Lance – I was not familiar with Hitchens . . . had to do some research 🙂 Interesting guy – a few similarities 🙂 Thanks for giving me homework, always love learning something new!!


      1. *smile*
        Do a YouTube search (if you have not already)
        Even Christians love him.
        Thank you for your reply. I am in a frivolous mood. Sorry


  2. Glad you stopped by my crazy blog, I like your philosophy. I tend to use too many F words, the computer should auto correct me by itself.

    You should read some of my motto quotes in my about page. Maybe you see something enlightening….. 🙂


  3. Without ugly, beauty has no meaning. Without pain, joy doesn’t either.

    We’re gifted in being able to achieve the heights. The price is that we can also achieve the depths. One cannot exist without the other.


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