Oh Lord ;-) {A little comedy for a change!}

Typically my posts are serious topics, but  needed a break and a little comedy.  Lately, I have been exploring some new music and was introduced to this artist by a friend. I stumbled across this little gem out in YouTubeLand, while listening to some of this guy’s songs. Laughed my ass off!!

Hayes Carll does a great job with the song and personally I really enjoy the timbre of his voice. The video parody is funny as hell! I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do – if you like this kind of music, or this kind of comedy.

I know the subject matter might be considered a bit controversial, but only if you take things too seriously. I am a believer and it doesn’t offend me. It’s “black comedy” kind of reminds me of Jerry Jeff Walker or David Allan Coe. So, if you don’t like them, you probably won’t enjoy this. My  sense of humor can be a bit warped at times 😉

Anyway, just something I was thinking about LOL –  that and freedom of expression ☮


10 thoughts on “Oh Lord ;-) {A little comedy for a change!}

    1. You are most welcome, Lance! You have made me laugh so many times, just glad I could return the favor! Though I have a serious side, I have a pretty wicked sense of humor, too 😉 Maybe I need a new blog for that side of me LOL!!


    1. Thanks Charly!! Glad you enjoyed it! Though I am a rock-n-roller from way back – been listening to this guy lately & thought this video was just hilarious. I break it out & watch it at least once a week – still makes me CTFU!!!!


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