I aint worried . . .

One day, I hope to say this, “I aint worried about nothin’.”

Seriously . . .

I love Hayes Carll ❤ (Yeah, I have shared him before!)

Just something I was thinking about tonight after playing Bunko with my girls – 11 women I have been playing with, been friends with, experienced the ups and downs of life with, watched their kids grow up, and us all grow older for the last 20 years. Love them all!!

Good friends, good times, good memories!!!

It was a great night!

Again, just something I was thinking about on a Saturday night 😉

[Hope yours was as good as mine!]

13 thoughts on “I aint worried . . .

    1. Bunko is a dice game played with 12 people on 3 tables – 4 people per table. You play as partners, though you change partners every game, with the exception of being at the head table (which controls the game). We roll for 6’s – though there are several different ways to play – and play until one set of partners rolls to 21 points at the head table, then the game stops. We play 25 games, eating in the middle. We drink and cuss and laugh like fiends!! We have a hell of a good time!! Over the years, we have even had a few bridal showers at our games, and yes a couple of times male strippers were involved. One guy sat & played Bunko with us for almost an hour in his G-string – that was a new one for the playbook LOL!!!
      And yes, Paul – they are a great bunch of friends!!!


  1. Bunco is girls night out not at a bar but one of the 12th members home …soooooo with great atmosphere, best buds and sweet eats it’s a hen party at the coop….lol….i love bunco

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    1. Absolutely, great atmosphere, best buds & sweet eats! YEP – ya gotta love Bunko! At Christmas, we have couples Bunko & our guys come play with us – they love it, too!!!


  2. I never played bunko – but in the late 1990’s there were a few friends inviting me to some when we lived in denver – ended up moving and never heard of any groups after that – til now…

    and I really like this saying….
    “I aint worried about nothin’”

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