I know – I’ve been AWOL lately . . .


Hey Blog Buds!! I had intended to be a little more prolific this year . . . and still hope to get on a more regular writing schedule. I am even farther behind on reading my favorite blogs, so if I haven’t visited in a while, I will first chance I get . . . missing reading what you are thinking about these days!

But I have been distracted in ways I wasn’t expecting. First I had Nanowrimo in November. Then we had the holidays, and I was still working the novel. Then, I must admit, I was a bit in a mindfuck . . . I could go into that deep, but not going to. Not prudent and over it. Now, we are knee-deep into March . . . where in the world has the time slipped away to??

I have been busy. I started a new job, though it is so far out of the box, that I am shocked, and a little uneasy regarding if I am making the right decisions. We met with this financial advisor (YES a free dinner was involved at a VERY nice place). Funny thing, we really liked his product. BUT, because of our circumstances, he advised that this was not a good time to do this, because we might need the money we were considering investing. (I had already decided that, but was happy that he was on the same page.)

For whatever reason, this guy – who does QUITE well for himself – took an interest in us and I guess a shining to me, and has offered me a job as his office manager as he builds his business on this side of town, and has also paid for my study materials and is paying for the testing for my license certification to help him sell insurance products. Or more to the point, to get commissions and residuals from any policies I have a hand in selling, even if I just set the appointment.

This guy is really down to earth, though I know from what I can see that he makes a lot of money AND for whatever reason thinks I can assist him in growing his business and provide me an opportunity to make commissions that could be quite lucrative in the long run. Right now, I am making very little, but it is more than I was making last week. The drive is less than 10 minutes away, and smack dab in the middle of one the most prestigious marinas in our area. I rarely have to dress up, and the atmosphere is totally laid back.

My husband and I think this might be a great opportunity, and it’s not like anyone else is beating down my door.  I have never done anything like this before, so not even sure I am going to like it or be as good at it as my new mentor thinks I will be. Like I said, I’m not sure about it, but for now am giving it my all and studying to get my license.

Changing the subject, I watched Bill Maher Friday night, listening to his panel’s back and forth about Hillary Clinton’s email – come on, they can read every email I write if they want and if you think they weren’t already honed in on the server Clinton.com – you are a fool, because their server would definitely elicit more interest than many others. What do you think about this “hot button?”

My goodness, the people in Washington D.C. spend more time building little fires that they can squirt lighter fluid on to incite what they consider the “commoners” – I always wonder what else is going on when this crap happens . . . I always feel it’s a distraction from what we should all really be focusing on.

Just some things I was thinking about . . .

27 thoughts on “I know – I’ve been AWOL lately . . .

  1. Too quick things. First, congrats on your new job. Sounds interesting and potentially lucrative, so that’s pretty exciting.

    Second, about the Hillary email thing, it’s much ado about nothing, as far as I’m concerned, but it does, I’m afraid, tarnish her a little and adds to a perception of “Clintonesque” sneakiness, or at least coyness, as in a reticence to be upfront and open. But I don’t think, unless some other skeletons come out of her closet, it spells the end of her bid to be president in 2016.

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    1. Thanks Doobs! I am hoping to take my test this week. I never considered myself a salesperson, but the products he specializes in are fixed-index annuities and Long Term Care insurance, both of which can be pretty important. My license will cover Life, Accident & Health products.

      I agree about Hillary. Doobs, what do you think about Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders? All three of these people are on my radar right now.


      1. I am honestly not that familiar with Bernie Sanders, but I do know and like Elizabeth Warren, having lived in Massachusetts for almost two decades. But I think Hillary is aboard the Democratic juggernaut and unless she does something really stupid or egregious, she’s going to be the Democratic candidate.

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  2. Congrats on the new gig. All meaningful change takes place “outside the box.”

    Mrs. Clinton is a politician. All successful politicians, without regard to party label, have a set of survival and promotion skills that differ from every other form of endeavor.

    Nero started it all way back when. Think “Bread and Circuses.”

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    1. Thanks Charly! Yes, I love that quote, and it is quite true 🙂 The job is still part-time for now, but that’s okay, as I have so many others going on & not enough time to do half of them LOL! 🙂


  3. Congrats Sadie on your new job. I’m sure you will do well. Studying should be snap for you -and that’s the start.

    Why politicians would delete messages of any sort is beyond me. There is enough storage in the world to keep them all. It sure makes Clinton look suspicious.

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    1. Thanks Paul! I hope I will be good at it – time will tell. It’s been quite some time since I had to study like this, so a little rusty – but I used to be an excellent student, so hope I pass the test with an acceptable score 🙂

      As far as politicians go, most of what they do is beyond me 😉 BUT I truly believe that her messages were captured the same as ours . . . they’re out there somewhere . . .


  4. I agree with you about the “spend more time building little fires that they can squirt lighter fluid on to incite” and distractions – pretty crazy 0 and even though I am late to comment here (sorry – I have been lagging on my blogging too – busy month of March was even busier as i was catching up from my trip) anyhow, the job opp sounds win-win – because even if it does not work out – you will have the training and just a bit more seasoning to go with your already seasoned thinking – so I hope it is going well….xxxoo

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      1. thanks – things are nice – enjoying spring weather – whew – also still catching up – but getting there… hope u have a nice week 💐💐💐


  5. Sorry I’m two weeks and two days late to this post party, Sadie. Such an interesting one, too. So. I hope you are doing well with his new opportunity, learning the ropes and passing the test. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Have confidence that this man sees something great in you that he saw in himself in the beginning.

    One caveat, of course. If he starts any shenanigans that make you feel uncomfortable, smack him down quick. Too many predators out there, too. Just saying. Have to be wary and careful.

    Keep us — me! — updated, my friend. I hope this opportunity is as good as it appears to be.

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    1. No worries, Mark – I am late to my own party half the time, so . . . LOL!! It does seem like a wonderful opportunity & your caveat is always a concern – being the cynical person I am, I often have those little questions in the back of my mind. But so far, so good, not much money yet, but learning lots! Scheduling the exam this week!


    1. Thanks so much Christy! I did have a wonderful Easter celebration with the family and all the kiddos (grandkids, & grand-nieces & nephews)! I hope yours was blessed & peaceful, as well!

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