What Was He Thinking??

Watching the news today – I know, it’s always an experience and often entertaining, and it has been a few days since I’ve watched any because I had to check out for awhile – and as I’m listening, the reporter starts talking about the color of President Obama’s suit at a news conference yesterday. It was tan, or what some would call taupe. Seriously, I’m not shitting you. I saw it, of course you know they had to show it, and it was a nice suit; I saw nothing wrong with it. (I haven’t seen the news conference yet, wasn’t engaged yesterday and have been busy today – but I will find it and watch it.)

Those that know me know I am not a fashion icon by any means, BUT come on people – with all the problems in the world, in our country and in our own lives – does the color of his suit really matter? Am I just an idiot for thinking it doesn’t??

Then one of my Facebook friends commented that some news reporter/commentator went on to chastise saying – after mentioning the suit debacle, of course – that President Obama stated that first he wanted to say something about some revised numbers on the economy, like real Americans cared about that after the beheading of James Foley and ISIS concerns. Then the president went on to say that we don’t have a strategy for ISIS.

Now I am a real American, and for the first time in decades, I have been unemployed for 15 months. I’m living off my retirement money and I have at least 15 years until I can retire. So I do care about the economy. That is most important to me at this moment. Having said that, what we ALL better be concerned about is that we don’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS, and if that’s not bad enough, now the whole world knows. The whole world also knows that those crazy ass Americans are in an uproar about the president’s suit color, not that their military has no plan.

Oh my goodness – as I am writing this, just heard the news reporting the color of Obama’s suit was the top trend on Twitter. That, my friends, is exactly why this country and maybe some other parts of the world are in the shape they are in. Look at the shit the “important people” – the communicators, the decision makers, the money makers/spenders, the policy makers – are focusing on. What the fuck is wrong with you people?!?

Okay – I am so not related to these people, I can tell you  . . .

I’m curious what y’all think about this, too.

Anyway just something I was thinking about it . . . and felt the need to rant about 😉

18 thoughts on “What Was He Thinking??

  1. Oh yeah people make no sense whatsoever to me at times. Honestly who cares what he wears, I more interested in what he says and doesn’t say as well as what he plans. Since our nut bag of a Prime minister seems prepared to follow the US into war-zones I really really care about what your plans are and have zero interest in what the country thinks fashion wise.

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  2. You have to remember, the trending is on something they call “twitter”……Twitter…. And before there was a Twitter, these same millions of people that use it were still just as clueless. I just get my news from the BBC or the Daley Show. lol 😀

    I wrote a couple paragraphs on this as a comment. It was so good, instead I think I will just let E blog about it over on Distantshipsmoke.

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    1. Thanks Doobster for reading & for your kind words! I wasn’t even going to write anything that evening because I was exhausted, but just couldn’t help myself!! 😉


  3. Yes, indeedy, a topic worthy of a grand rant. It is possible that Obama deliberatley said what he did in order to mislead those who have an interest for purposes of covering up. All this shit is so political it is never possible to know if we are being played or given real info. Honestly the color of his suit is probably the only thing that was real about the speech. i like Obama but the job he is in requires multiple layers of subterfuge – often done in the name of national security At least we know the color of his suit – that’s probably what we will need to be satisfied with.Of course, it is possible that his suit was actually a different color and they used photshop to change it so that no one would recognize him (get the man in the taupe suuit – wait, no that’s not the real color of his suit). ha!

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    1. Paul – I wondered that, too – about them possibly wanting to mislead some of those watching. I think being in his position (& others) subterfuge is required for national security at times. Totally agree with this sentiment – “…it is never possible to know if we are being played or given real info.” Loving the Photoshop comment because now a picture isn’t always the real deal like it was when we were growing up. Thanks for commenting! 🙂


  4. No one has more active disdain for the entire concept of fashion than I do; I’ve spent a lifetime deliberately thumbing my nose at the idea of wearing something “appropriate” (although I usually try to draw the line at being deliberately offensive). “The paint job has nothing to do with the quality of the house,” and when I think of the types of men who always wear suits, the first three that spring to mind are: crooked politicians, shyster lawyers and car salesmen.

    So it is from that point of view, and without having any idea it was a “thing” on the ‘net, that I was incredibly bemused at how jaw-dropping ugly that suit was. It was mainly the awful color, but it also seemed poorly cut — hung on him like a tent. I’m not at all surprised it went viral — it screamed for attention at the top of its lungs! It was hard not to notice (to the point of wondering if that was the point — distraction? or did he have to emergency-borrow a suit after spilling something on his?).

    The thing is, we’re so used to the polish that we usually see in front of the camera that, when something this unusual happens, you have to ask: What happened there?

    What’s subtle is that, given that at least some people do care about appearances, and given that we’re used to a certain level of polish in presentation, this reflects a President who — once again — can’t seem to surround himself with people who know WTF they’re doing. We saw it hugely with the Health Care website, and we’ve seen it over and over in this Administration. For me, he’s been one of the most disappointing Presidents since Carter, and that suit looked like it came from Carter’s Closet.

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  5. Common Saddie, of course we want to talk about Mr. Obama Wama wardrobe. He´s the media´s messiah, he´s almost like God, he can´t do nothing wrong, the same goes for the rest of the population or the majority because if you criticise the man for his merits as president, which I haven´t seen, if you can come up with one thing he has done that has actually worked well please tell me, if you criticise him you are obviously a racist. I´ve seen several interviews with not only female but male reporters face to face with Mr. Obama that I was amazed at how he had enchanted the reporters, the women reporters where about to drool all over themselves and them men wanted to drool just to be like him. Woman want him men want to be like him. He´s the hip cool president don´t you know that? Ofcourse he can´t do no wrong in the eyes of the media, specially since most of the media in the U.S and for that matter I believe in most western countries the great media outlets lean to the left. So no you don´t get to criticise Mr.O even when he says he´s going to do something and does the other thing “you want your doctor you keep your doctor…really” Look at how he has left the middle east and for that matter the world with Europe standing looking up at the U.S thinking this dude is not doing shit, what the hell are we gonna do. But you do not criticise such a smooth talker, nice looking black male. You talk about his clothes and his cool body and how many balls he puts in the holes when he goes golfing every Sunday, specially Sundays when the world is in Chaos. It´s typical socialism what this guy is, I´ve seen it all my life in Spain, and for socialism to work, capitalism can´t work and the U.S is a capitalist country. They are just not compatible. But believe me that I´ve seen these socialist all my life, they have their own play book, look it up in the internet in spanish is called “internacional socialista” which translates to english,socialist internationalist. It´s all written down there, it´s just part of they´re playbook. The function better or stay in power longer when things are going bad for the country. That´s a fact. Anyways, I´ll stop with the rant. Did he really look good in that suit or do I look better on it?


    1. Really nice Rant, Charly…
      I really enjoyed it.
      It made no sense what-so-ever.
      Nicely done Dude.
      So glad it happened here and not there—> “North Pole”
      (Sorry Sadie)


      1. Really, no sense….damn, I thought I made a lot of sense. O.k, I´ll go back to the north pole, have quite cool friends over there(no punt intended) they are polar bears and the poor guys are drifting away because of global warming. I have to check on them.

        Thanks for the comment, have a good one


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