Everything is Broken – One-Liner Wednesday

Everything seems broken . . .

In honor of Linda Hill’s One Liner Wednesday . . . no it’s not funny or inspirational – but it’s factual.


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[NOTE: I really like Bob Dylan’s and especially Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s versions of these songs, but this version by Immaterial had that right touch of melancholy it seemed to deserve today.]

Just something I was thinking about . . .

9 thoughts on “Everything is Broken – One-Liner Wednesday

  1. Never heard this song – the harmonica was nice and what a melancholy tune!
    Oh and remember when I said I was thinking of you today and then u showed up to lave a comment (hugs) – well here is how you were in my mind…..
    We have a shite sky 4th -rain comes and goes -”so I had coffee on porch and was looking at neighbor’s with their cars and watched someone polish up one / and I journaled about how and why some folks like showy cars….
    And at the end I wrote “just something I was thinking about on this rainy 4th….”
    And that is “Sadie all the way” – hah!

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