The Dems Debate and the Tax Man Cometh 

The Democratic Debate was lively tonight. I think Bernie did a good job overall. I think Hillary is getting a bit nervous, with Bernie snapping at her heals.

The commentators stated after the debate that “Hillary cleaned Bernie’s clock,” on the gun control question. I mentioned to my husband that I agree with Bernie’s decision to vote against holding gun makers and dealers responsible, as long as they did the appropriate background checks. What no one has mentioned is WHO does these background checks? Using that thought process, shouldn’t they be held liable as well, if a background check came back approved on someone who later committed a crime?

I believe in Texas background checks are performed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, though I am not sure on that. For all I know, that work is contracted out to some third party, in my state, as well as others. The point is, it’s really no different than if a drunk driver kills someone and has a floorboard full of empty Budweiser bottles – it’s doubtful that Budweiser would be sued, or be held responsible. If someone stabs someone with a Buck knife, no one would try to sue the knife company.

You can still walk into any gun show in Texas and sell your weapons with no background check, or exchange of any paperwork, with anyone who is willing to pay the price you are asking. Anyone who happens to have paid the ticket price to get into the gun show and has cash in their pocket. And how many crimes are committed with stolen guns? (No, I have not had a chance to actually research the numbers on this.)

Anyway – it seems like the audience was giving Bernie some good feedback, from what I could tell.

Changing topics, about a month ago I had a job interview, in my industry, for a job I have a great reputation for doing sucessfully. The position was being vacated by an old friend and colleague, who gave me an excellent recommendation. The interview went really well. I found out, via FaceBook, that I did not get the position, but another friend and colleague was offered the job instead. She is about ten years my junior. Though I wasn’t super jazzed about going back to a place I feel sucked my soul out, and it was also for over a third less than I what I used to make doing the same job – I won’t lie, the snub hurt. I need the money, I need the benefits, I need something to do with my time – I am getting so unfocused, and feel that I am adrift. BUT, I will keep looking!

Last, but certainly not least, it’s tax time in the U.S. It’s no secret that my husband and I have been surviving on our 401K money for over the last two years. So, let me be a little more frank – after our standard deductions, our taxable income this year was $29, 252. My taxes, and penalties for keeping my bills paid – surviving on about a third of what we are used to making – was close to $10,000. Oh yes, I did the math, our tax rate was 32.8%.

I could be wrong, but I doubt any millionaire, or billionaire, paid 32.8% of their income in taxes – but I bet a shit ton of them paid as much as, or more than, I paid to their accountants to ensure they did not pay that high of a percentage in taxes due to all the loopholes the rich have at their disposal. To me, that is a crime . . .

On a side note – my dad’s 76th birthday is coming up, and he is a staunch Republican. I bought him a Feel the Bern coffee mug, so he could start his days thinking about his “bleeding heart Liberal” (in his opinion) daughter. And I can’t wait to wear my Bernie Sanders T-shirt 🙂


Just some things I’ve been thinking about . . .

8 thoughts on “The Dems Debate and the Tax Man Cometh 

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. As for gun laws, or any law, they can only have an effect on the law abiding. Criminals, by definition, are not law abiding therefore will not be constrained by gun laws. Witness the gun violence in Chicago. As for politics, I would probably side with your dad in any debate but admire your approach. The truth for me however is that all politics on the national level have morphed into one huge reality show. Any serious political discussion that can truthfully include such dialogue as, “The candidate continues to lead because he knows HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS and PLAYS THE GAME better than do his opponents” demonstrates that the system (game) is not about government by the people.

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    1. “Any serious political discussion that can truthfully include such dialogue as, “The candidate continues to lead because he knows HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS and PLAYS THE GAME better than do his opponents” demonstrates that the system (game) is not about government by the people.”
      ABSOLUTELY TRUE rixlibris!! I am glad you enjoy reading my posts, and I never expect anyone to think as I do, but I like that maybe I get them thinking about a subject. You seem to me to be someone who gives considerable thought to the world around you! I agree with you about gun laws – criminals will always find a way to get them. Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂
      (I am so behind these days on writing, blog reading, and answering my own comments . . . my apologies!!)

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  2. Love the mug Sadie. I wish you the best of luck on the job front. Oh yeah, the rich folks paid as much or more percentage wise on income as you did – that is what they say anyway. Here’s the problem : they have a company house, a company car, a company chauffeur,company clothes, company plane, company boat, etc. And the Revenue service allows them to do this and not claim personal use. When they travel they use a company credit card. If you took away all their company perks, they’d be left with their underwear. So then they take their salaries of millions and invest it in tax free areas or hide it off shore. If a rich man charges his maid to the company, he can use her as a tax write off. If you and I hire a maid we have to pay taxes on her services.

    Anyway, the rich get richer and the rest of us get poorer Sadie – that’s capitalism. Feel the Bern!

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    1. I know, Paul! That’s what I mean about them paying their fair share! I’m all for capitalism, but don’t crush those that made you rich . . . and quit being so damn greedy! I am ‘Feelin’ the Bern’ but not feeling super confident about Bernie’s real chances. I just hope if HC gets the nom, that all the Bernie supporters don’t stay home – otherwise we could be in for the Trumpster & world collapse (ok, maybe not THAT catastrophic, but . . .). It’s kind of like Bill Maher says – If you can’t get the fish, than order the chicken. Only time will tell . . .
      (All apologies for my late response!!)

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  3. I’m a strong Hillary supporter, but I have to admit Bernie did well last night. I just really didn’t like that the conversation was taken over by transcripts and Wall Street.

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    1. Apologies for my late response Ariana! Thanks so much for reading & commenting on my post! I have to admit, I’d love to know what Hillary says in her speeches 🙂 If Bernie doesn’t get the nod, I would vote for Hillary. Trump scares the bejeezus out of me!

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    1. Apologies for my late response, OM! Bernie hasn’t been counted out yet!! I know he may not be able to do all the things he wants, but I still think he would make a major difference in this country going forward, IMHO. Regardless, the next 6 months are going to be one of the strangest (albeit scariest) rollercoaster rides ever!!


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